July 29th Energy Update: It’s a BIG day in the cosmos with two planetary aspects in play shaking up our lives and assisting us into further living as our Divine Self and anchoring into 5D.
Let’s start with Mercury and Mars squaring off in the sky. Mars is action, fiery, strong and Mercury is the planet of communication. Be mindful with your words today spoken and written. It’s a great day to speak your truth in love, write an article, give a speech, send that email you have been holding off on sending. At the same time communications may be tense, argumentative with unkind words being tossed around. You get to choose what comes out of your mouth and how you will respond to those around you.
Then Uranus turns retrograde until the end of December. When planets turn retrograde we feel their energetics the most so for the next 24-48 hours you may feel a bit unsettled, a pause in your life, tension rising to the surface. After this initial positioning Uranus retrograde asks you to turn inward, face the truth of situations, clear blocks and bring forth from within more of your authentic self. That is who you are as personality and as Divine.
When Uranus is a focus shake ups happen. Surprise, shock, awe, out of the blue events and situations rise up to the surface. These can be what we label positive surprises and then can be perceived as uncomfortable. Uranus is about rebellion, breaking the rules, upsetting the status quo. With Uranus in retrograde until the end of the year watch for more shake ups on the world scene and yes in your personal day to day life.
Recently we had our July Full Moon with Uranus influence which anchored a Major Gateway of Ascension that changed everything within and set us on new paths of potential with new awareness and understanding. Now consider that Uranus will be retrograde and in play for the next 5 months through our September Eclipse Season and wow major change is at hand.
If difficulties and problems rise up in your life turn inward this is where the solutions lie. You hold the wisdom of the Universe inside of you. Tap into the knowledge and take steps from the heart. We are entering into yet another tremulous period of change.

~Love, Esther

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