This morning I was standing in line at Starbuck’s waiting for my decaf Americano.

I felt a blister developing on my left foot. (I am breaking in a gorgeous pair of Rudsak’s.)

I looked down and right beside my left shoe was a bandaid. I bent over, picked it up and put it in my wallet for use once I sat down.

At that point my Soul began to nudge me urgently. The message was loud and clear…no whispers this time.

“You see Esther,” it said. “God knows what you need and provides it before you even know that you have a need. It’s not just that way with bandaids, it’s that way with everything. Keeping trusting.”

I smiled and thanked my Soul for the reminder. It was very timely because curently I am in the midst of creating a life long dream.  I’ve pulled it in from the quantum field and its firing on all cylinders. There is just one missing piece and I have been trusting Universe to provide. My Soul reminded me that it is all ready done. I just need to trust and have faith.

~Love, Esther~ 

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