Lack of Trust keeps us in separation from our Body.

Do you trust your body? Does your body trust you?

Does your body believe you when you say you are going to follow through on its guidance? Does your body trust you to keep it safe?

Are you a partner with your body or a dictator?

Sharing with you with inspired information which came forward during the writing of a recent Energy Insights Newsletter. For those who prefer read only scroll down.

~Love, Esther

Ending Separation From The Body Beautiful Live Event

October 26, 2017  at 11 am Eastern

Webinar 2+ hours  With Q&A and MP3 recording for all.

Have handy a notebook and pen,  you will want to take notes.   Learn more and sign up


Do you trust your body? For the longest time I did not trust my body to do what it said it would do. I didn’t trust my body to release pain, fat, emotion; mental anguish. I didn’t trust that my body would change or support me in the experience of life. I didn’t trust that my body would come through for me when push came to shove. I didn’t trust or believe that my body loved me. I thought it hated me and was always trying to get back at me.
I know, my level of consciousness at that time was dim.
I didn’t trust my body because I didn’t know my body. I didn’t know myself and in general I was running a not trusting program. I was running a I am not loveable, not good enough program.
Does your body trust you?  There were also times when I could feel my body’s mistrust of me, leary of what I was promising. I could hear my body say, Yeah Yeah Yeah Esther. How times it is now that you have said you are sorry. Sorry for yet another food binge. Sorry for the spewing of hateful words towards me. Sorry for putting me through yet another bout of starvation, cleansing, a diet when I didn’t ask for it. 
I could hear my body say, Esther you always promise to ______, and to follow through on what I ask but  you never do. What makes this time different? Why should I trust you now?
The lack of trust ran deep both ways.
For years, really decades I was at battle with my body, in full on separation.
Worse yet there was a time I thought I was my body and my body was me and whatever my body appeared like and how it was accepted by others determined how I was accepted. And if my body was deemed fat, ugly, not pretty enough that was what I was. Distorted perceptions and beliefs absorbed not through words or teaching but by energetic osmosis through family; society.
Do you trust your body to do as it promises as it says it will when you support it with what it needs?
Does your body trust you to follow through on its guidance?
Does the body trust you to keep it safe?
I recall a time when I when I was so angry at my body shouting at it, I’ve done what you asked, I am eating as you want, moving as you wish, surrounding myself in the environment you request and look still no change.
I heard my body say, What is the change you seek? Peace, calm, health, well being, vitality. You have all of that. Being skinny I shouted back. Take look said my body. A real look  and I will help you see yourself through the eyes of Truth rather than distortion. And I looked and I saw that my body had changed but the beliefs and distortion on the filter of my eyes had me seeing something else. That seeing something else kept me in opposition to my body; in separation.
Our bodies are amazing, juggling so many duties at once including being our home and now processing all of this New Light, New Vibrations, New Energy pouring out from the cosmos and onto the planet. Our bodies need our help and co-operation NOW more than ever before. This requires Trust both ways. You trusting the body, the body trusting you.
I have notice over the years  while working with my own body and helping other people move into harmony with their body, that the body is like a faithful dog. Man’s best friend. Man in the generic sense of humanity. Always ready to please its master. Always ready to offer love and companionship. Always ready to offering healing support. No matter what you toss at it, or put it through, the body is eager and willing to forgive and embrace you, to be part of the whole.
Is lack of trust keeping you in separation from your Body Beautiful?
Or could it be a past life experience when you decided it was not safe to be in the body because you would be harmed or killed thus creating separation?
Or are you a dictator to the body which creates separation? There is absolutely nothing wrong with following a nutritional program, exercise regime, cleanse, detox, what many call a “diet,”  as long as your body is in support, that you are working together in harmony.
I ask you….
Did the body say to you, Hey let’s go on a program and count points for food? I would love that.
Did the body say, Yes I would love to go 10 days drinking only water with honey and lemon?
Did the body say to you, Yes let’s pound it out at the gym for two hours a day until we are so shaky and wobbly we think we are going to pass out.
Did the body say to you, Yes please let’s measure and weigh our food for the rest of our lives?
Or is that you dictating to the body what you want, based on other people’s opinions, and based on your fears and limiting beliefs? 
Only you can answer for you. Perhaps you body did say, Yes let’s count points for a bit, for a reset, and while counting points start the process of intuitively knowing what to eat and how much and when. Moving in step with one another in tune with knowing how much sleep is need, meditation time, movement, touch; intimacy. What essential oils to use, supplements to consume, how much sunshine is beneficial; changes in environment.
Sometimes our body does say, Hey sweetheart let’s cut down on the food for a day or two, give the digestion a break and consume broths and juices; water.
Sometimes the body does say, Let’s get vigorous with movement today opening up the systems of the body.
And when it does, do you say, Yes let’s do it, or do you say no, I don’t have the time. It costs too much money. I don’t want to. I can’t give up _______.
In one week I will be hosting the Live Webinar Ending Separation From the Body Beautiful and we will be addressing many ways we are in Separation From The Body working through conscious discussion, energy processing and activation to bring us into harmony.
I will be guiding you through a conversation with your Body to glean information, to say I I’m sorry, to hear what the body has to say back.
Bring a notebook and pen to the call because Body Wisdom is at hand.
Are you aware that you can Love your body and still be in separation with it?
Are you running a program that is not safe to be in harmony with the body?
Let’s End the Separation together in Group Avatar creating an energetic circle ofAllowance. Allowing harmony, wholeness, partnership now and throughout all time, space and realities, through all lifetimes in body and out of body. So that we never have to be in separation again.
When we are in harmony with our body we are able to live the fullest expression of our Soul Essence on the planet right now. We are in partnership with the body to Manifest our desires. We are fully supported to experience the very best that Love and Life have to offer.
~ Love, Esther
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