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A little-known fact about me is that I worked in the travel industry for three years as a tour guide in Niagara Falls, a ski rep in Whistler B.C and a hiking/walking guide in Austria. My love for travel and adventure began as a child and once I was independent with my own time and money, travel was and still is a priority.

I love beach holidays and off the beaten path adventures. Independant travel and exploring with a group. City escapes and personal spiritual growth retreats. I love it all.

Ten years into my business, of helping people create inner change to manifest their dreams, I decided that one of my dreams was to weave travel and retreats into my services. It’s a natural fit.

I believe that experiential travel is not only fun, but also soul stirring, inspiring, heart opening and above all, life changing. It allows for personal growth through connections with other cultures, people, cuisine and visitation to special sites; energetic hot spots. I can’t tell you how often a visit to a new place, even a new place in my own backyard, has initiated change in my life. I hear the same from my fellow travelers.

My first taste of guiding a Sacred Spirit Journey was to the Bosnian Pyramids in 2015. The retreat offered participants an exciting adventure, plus an opportunity to be a part of world history and facilitate personal change at a deep level. It also stirred up within me a desire to offer more unique journeys.

Our Spirit Journey to Iceland was fun, powerful and transformative as we played in amazing Vortex’s of Energy! Geysers, Volcanos, Chasing the Northern Lights, Black Sand Beach, Vatnshellir Cave for a journey to the center of the earth, The Blue Lagoon, standing on top of a fault line, and perhaps myfavourite, Pingvellir where the North American and Eurasia Tectonic Plates Meet. Oh and of course I went to Johnny Rotten’s Punk Rock Museum.

Then back to Bosnia working with Pyramid Energy and exploring other mysteries like the Stone Spheres, the Ovolo Obelisk, a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, visit to the famous Mostar Bridge and learning the deep history of beautiful and historic Sarajevo.

In Spain a group of us gals walked The Pilgrim’s Way along the Camino de Santiago. A spiritual walk requiring courage and determination physically, and a willingness to allow the energies to show you THE WAY.

We were about to head to Magical Morocco when covid struck.

It took some time to get back into the groove of travel retreats, but in 2024 we jetted to the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu, for Escape IntoThe Blue Ladies Retreat. Where immersing in Blue Mind Therapy and the frequencies of the ley lines crossing in Corfu Town, was accompanied by sun, swimming, sailing, exploring, and eating the tastiest Greek Food. Yamas!

Our next adventure awaits. Join me! I look forward to meeting up with you somewhere in this beautiful world.

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PS. I also offer bespoke one on one retreats combining inner work, energy healing, ceremonies and fun activities to complement the personal spiritual growth journey.

We can also set up a special travel retreat for you and your friends.

Write me and let me know what will feed your Soul. Your focus for the retreat. How much inner work you want to do. If you just want to chill with me and have fun. How many days etc. and I will create something fabulous and specific to you.

If you have any special requests or questions about travel/retreats, please email me. Your input is appreciated.

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