We are just five days away from the much talked about Total Solar Eclipse across America. And there is much “hype” surrounding this celestial event.


It is an exciting cosmic event! Heck even those not in tune with spiritual matters or Ascension Journeys are excited about what is to transpire. But there is also alot of information floating around that is low vibration. Be discerning as you read and watch eclipse reports.


August 21st is the day of the Total Solar Eclipse which follows a path from Oregon to South Carolina.


The Sun, Moon and Earth line up in perfect positioning allowing day to turn into night for a few exciting, rare and transformative minutes. Yes you will see stars and planets ~ the night sky.


The temperature will drop. It will appear to be night. Stars and planets will be visible.


We know what is happening but animals may get confused. Comfort and love your pets through the brief darkness.


And please if you are  planning on being outdoors to watch the Sun be shadowed, ensure that you are wearing the legit special Eclipse glasses.


The Eclipse starts at 11:46 am Eastern time.

Peaks at 2:25 pm Eastern and

Completes at 5:04 pm Eastern.


According to Date and Time website: The maximum point of the eclipse will take place near Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 2:20 pm Eastern where totality will last for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


Eclipses 101 basics so much fun especially if you are planning  on honouring the Eclipse in some special way.


Even though the actual event is still a few days away we are already swimming in the energies of the Solar Eclipse, which is a NEW MOON and those Eclipse energies will linger with strong affect for 40 days after the event and continue to be with us, assisting us in our Ascension Process for six months.


Reminding you that Eclipses bring about dramatic and sudden change. Plot twists and turn of events. Surprise! Anything can and will happen which has been very evident amongst the participants of the 47 Day Eclipse~Equinox Energy Event well underway.


What shows up, what may transpire and how strongly you will feel and experience the energies depends on where you are in your journey.


As I sat down to write this newsletter I asked for a piece of information to offer you regarding the spiritual aspects of the Eclipse, how it assisting us on our Ascension Journey and the words Divine Feminine and Masculine came up along with Timeline.


I have written previously that this Eclipse season is crumbling 3D, old out dated timelines, and we are moving onto new timelines which align with our new vibrations. We are experiencing this movement individual and globally.


One of the timelines which has been played out for a very long time on Earth is that of male dominance. The Patriarchal Timeline. The male as ultimate authority and leader time line. We have lived on this planet with that time line for a very long time.


And it is in this lifetime that paradigm is finally changing.


Since 2013 we have been focused in our intention, attention and inner work to bring the Divine Feminine and Masculine together in harmony and oneness within and on a global scale, shifting the collective.


For some the process has been about empowering the Divine Masculine within, for others empowering the Divine Feminine. To be in allowance of the two blending together in harmony.


The Sun spirituality and astrologically represents Power, Ego and is a Masculine energy.


The Sun will be hidden for a few minutes out of sight and then come back into view, as if reborn. A rebirth is at hand which from the information I am receiving will create a HUGE shift allowing that old timeline to change and birth the New (New Moon=New Beginnings) timeline of unity consciousness, Divine Masculine and Feminine in harmony.


Are we going to wake up Tuesday morning with everyone on the same page?


That is unlikely although we do believe anything is possible.


But what WILL happen is that the new timeline, which we have been cultivating and sowing for the last five years +++ will FULLY be present for us to step into.


And the more of us that consciously make that choice within, the greater effect we will have to energetically influence the collective to fully make the shift as well.


We are the change we seek.


And that is just one of the amazing shifts poised to take place.



~Love, Esther

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