To The Castle! I’m the kind of girl that when I wake up in the morning with an idea and a sense of positive urgency from within, that today is the day, do it now, don’t wait for tomorrow, I act on it. I’ve learned to trust my inner voice even if I never find out WHY today?

So when I woke up this morning and heard, it’s a good day to climb up to the Castle, I paid attention.

Since last summer I have wanted to hike to the Castle perched atop Saranda and didn’t want to leave the city again with the task undone.

My feminine energies and aspects were fully on board.

My Girl energy was jumping for joy, Adventure! 
My Lover part who helps me live my passions said, Let’s do it. I heard my Queen say, work scheduled for today can be pushed off until tomorrow and my Mother part had me check the forecast looking for a rainfree window.

My feminine aspects coming together to support me in creating a wish, to climb to the Castle. Take photos of the view.
They worked together to place me in the flow of doing what I love and manifesting desires.

A change from the past when this scenario would have panned out like this …
Me waking up and thinking, I want to hike up to the Castle.
My domineering Queen energy, in shadow, shouting, No you can’t. You have work to do. Bills to pay. My Girl energy afraid, It’s too hard,
we can’t do it, what if you hurt yourself? My Lover energy lamenting that once again we were alone to do the task; no friends.
And my Mother energy saying, It’s going to rain. You’ll get wet. What if you get sick?

Any of this sound familiar?

In this past scenario, well meaning feminine aspects reacting to my idea of, Hike the Castle, reacted from shadow and limitation rather then
conscious creation.

Over the years, I turned within, connected with my Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl energies, acknowledged and honoured them.

Helping them to move from shadow to Light. To be part of the whole and support me in my conscious desires.

⭐ And I am going to help you to do the same.

April 1st we start the Radiate The Fullness of your Healthy Feminine Energies Program.
Focusing on your inner Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Energies.

Assessing, Are they in shadow or in the Light? Immature or Mature Energies?
Does one domineer over another? Do you have feminine parts dormant and hiding in the shadows?

I will help you to flush out limiting beliefs, thoughts, patterns and concepts of what being in the fullness of your healthy mature feminine energies is.

Offer you action steps. home assignments, energy exercises you can begin immediately to bring wholeness and healthy to your feminine energies.
Develope and Enhance your Feminine aspects.
And begin to Blossom as Woman.

So you can ….

Become the Woman you were meant and designed to be, Divine Feminine.
Be in the flow of living and manifesting.
Know your true self as feminine essence.
Feel comfortable being a woman.
Thrive as a woman.
Love being a woman.

I can’t wait to get started with the beautiful ladies in my midst to RADIATE OUR Feminine Energies,

Details and Sign Up:  

Love, Esther

If you have questions about this program please email and ask. Email is the best.

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