We can come up with a reason for everything.

Yes I know you have a reason to be depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, anxious and worried.

I completely get that you have a reason to want to lash out at that person and hurt them as they have hurt you.

You have reasons for feeling inadequate, not capable, less then, overwhelmed, not good enough.

Tucked away in your mind you store reasons for going to the gym when you body says no and not going when you don’t feel like it.

You have reasons for over-eating, over-drinking, using substance to zone out from the pressures of life.

There is a reason to leave that relationship, job, home, social group.

The world owes you is a reason for stealing and taking what you feel is rightly yours.

You have a reason for not liking that person or spreading rumors or gossip.

Oh there’s that reason for saying nasty things about an ex-spouse.

Or the reason why you air personal details on social media.

I hear all of your reasons why you can’t take that step forward, why nothing ever works out for you and why you have no choice.

There are reasons for everything and we have become very good at coming up with reasons.

And yet it’s the reason that hold us back. The reasons keeps us stuck. The reason holds us in a low vibration emotional pattern like depression or anger.

Isn’t it time to wake up and acknowledge that despite all the reasons you have choice?

You are a being of choice. Choice is your birth right. Choice is the free will you came to this planet to play with.


You get to choose. Perhaps there was a time when parents made choices for you but you are not five years old anymore.

And if you are still allowing parents, friends, spouses and other people to make your choices then what would it take for you to start exercising choice for yourself sweetness?

When you have choice and begin to exercise choice you are in charge. You are in control. You get to create and co-create your life on your terms.

And you get to make new choices if the first one doesn’t feel right.

In fact life is about choice. Your life path and journey is created out of choice.

Embrace choice sweet being!  There is freedom in the choice.

When the words: But Esther I have reason to be depressed flashed across my computer screen this week all I wanted to do was reach out to that person and teach them about choice. Sure we all have reasons to be depressed but we get choose if we want to indulge in that energy or not. If you struggle with depression and want to choose something differently then do your inner work and release the limiting beliefs, thoughts, energies, patterns, judgements holding that depression in place.

When you begin to awaken to having choice in your life you move forward in consciousness.

Next time instead of giving a list of reasons as to why you are in a circumstance or situation ask yourself,  do I want to choose this or do I want to choose something different?

~Love, Esther

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