My recent post Letting Go Of Luggage triggered a flood of emails to my inbox asking for tips on how to remember dreams. It seems many people struggle with capturing the images and messages brought forth during their sleep state.

I’m fortunate. I’ve always been able to recall my dreams in detail. I can tell when my dreams are the result of my subconscious sorting itself out, if they are a product of change integration or are nudging me to make change. I can tell when I am astral travelling or when others are visiting me.  And I always know when I have gone into a deep dimension.

For those of you who are wanting a fuller sleep state experience here are some tips to help you to remember your dreams.

1. Ask your spirit guides and the Universe for assistance. Before you fall asleep tell your guides to help you remember your dreams and that you want to learn and grow from them.

2. Declare your day complete. Right before your head hits the pillow declare an end to the day. This act sends a signal to your brain that it is time to switch off and allow yourself to transition into a sleep state.

3. Before bed tell yourself. “I will remember my dreams. I want to remember my dreams. I want to learn and grow from my dreams.” Use these statements as a mantra. Repeat them several times and make the practice on going.

4. Often it is the static noise of your thoughts, worries and fears which prevent you from fully remembering and connecting with your dreams. Discovering and changing negative and limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors is important to transformation. Your negative thoughts create static and noise which filter out the beauty of your dream state.

5. Keep a dream book and pen by your bed. Throughout the night and first thing in the morning write down any information that comes to you from your dreams even if it is just a color, word or image. I know this is not new information but it does work.

6.  When you do remember even a little bit of your dreams validate the memory. This act sends a signal to the brain that you are acknowledging the dreams and like them. Silently on the inside tell yourself that you want to know more. Your Self will listen.

7. Set your alarm clock for one hour before your regular wake up time. Once it goes off allow yourself to fall back asleep. I find this is the best time to astral travel, receive dreams of premonition and to remember dreams. Dreams which come right before awakening are often the most profound.

8. I believe that what you eat and drink makes a big difference in remembering your dreams. A healthy lifestyle  of nutrition and exercise along with regular sleep patterns will give your sleep state a boost.

 Above all else be patient with yourself and the process.

I always love to hear about people’s dreams. Please share them in the comment section below.

Love, Esther

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