Everything is energy–everything. You, the chair you are sitting on, the food you eat, your clothes, emotions, thoughts, the plant sitting on your table.  Everything is energy and science proves it.

Energy has a vibration and different energies hold different vibrations. 

High and low vibrations cannot exist at the same time. For when one presents and becomes strong, the energy frequency or vibration of the other dissipates.

This is good news! Because when you raise your vibration in thought, belief and/or emotion, lower vibrations cease to exist.

For instance when you are happy you cannot be angry at the same time.

When you are full of joy you cannot hold the vibration of depression.

Raising your vibration is like tuning into a different channel.  You tap into a whole new station with new programming, attitudes and emotions.

Raising your vibration assists you in creating what you want– a better life.  A life of  peace and harmony, freedom, increased awareness and higher consciousness.

Our vibrations are increasing as we move into higher dimensions and levels of consciousness. Universe is assisting us in a powerful way. We can also help in the process.


How To Raise Your Vibration

  • think better thoughts
  • choose positive uplifting emotions
  • hang out with high vibrating positive people
  • frequent places, situations and occassions with a good vibe
  • if you enjoy doing something do more of it
  • listen to high vibration music, classical tones are high frequency
  • spend time in nature
  • walk bare foot on the ground
  • dance
  • sing
  • hold a baby
  • play with children
  • pet an animal
  • eat clean, fresh foods
  • drink pure water
  • meditate
  • get adequate rest
  • take care of yourself
  • daydream
  • laugh
  • spend time in gratitude and appreciation

What lowers your vibration?

  • negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • spending time with negative people
  • hanging out in negative, dense environments
  • eating processed, heavy foods
  • making other people’s opinions more important then your own
  • fear
  • doubt
  • worry
  • anxiety to name just a few
  • spending too much time in a low vibration emotion or feeling
  • lack of self expression
  • doing something that you don’t like
  • not being who you truly are
  • taking the posture of victim

The more conscious you become of choosing higher vibrating thoughts, emotions, companions and places to be,  the higher your vibration with rise.

Everyday I help people release lower vibrations from their being and as they let go they begin to soar.  

You can soar too!

~Love, Esther


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