Tips For Readings

When we connect for your reading the first couple of minutes of chitchat are not part of your booked time. Your time officially starts once I connect with the Beings of Light and they offer a greeting.

I will ask you at the start of the session for your full name, location and current age for timeline reference.

Coming Up With Your Questions:

During a 30- or 60-minute reading, the number of questions addressed depends on the questions i.e. yes or no answer, vs more discussion, and how in depth you want to go on a topic.
Some people cover one topic during a 30-minute reading and go deep with follow up questions.

Other people use 5 to 10 minutes per topic.

Prior to your session, start considering your questions and write them down so you will have them handy when we meet.

I find it is good to start by asking question number 2 and after that guidance comes through, move to questions 1, 3, 4, etc.

Also, during the reading, depending on what comes forward, you might change up your questions. That’s perfectly fine and normal.

While composing your questions ask yourself, “What do I need to seek answers about? What do I want guidance on in my life right now?

Any question may be asked including but not limited to finances, relationships, career, past lives, spirit guides, family, love and romance, education and inner blocks. It is important to own your question.

Also be specific in your asking. Questions like what is my purpose? What job is best for me? Tell me about my health. When am I going to meet my love partner? etc… are far too vague.

You can ask general questions but will likely get general answers. Be specific.

For instance: I am looking for new work opportunities. My current job is manager at X company. I have been there for 12 years. I am feeling the urge to leave and move into a whole new field. Teaching draws me. I also feel pulled to going back to school and learning a trade. I like learning and sharing with people what I learn. I am also good with my hands. Do the Beings of Light have ideas of career paths I can investigate? A question like that opens the discussion to many possibilities.

If you ask health related questions, The Beings of Light will scan your body and energy system to give you an overview of your health condition. Better yet, ask about a specific body situation. IE. I have had pain in my left knee for five years since I fell on ice. Any information you can offer about the knee pain is appreciated. We do not diagnose illness or conditions or receive information as to when you will transition from this life experience to the next. It may be suggested that you contact your health practitioner if that is the information coming forth. The information that typically comes forward regarding body and physical health addresses the emotional and mental connection to your situation.

If you are asking future oriented questions, please keep in mind that only You can predict the future through your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and actions. Also, future possibilities and timelines can change at any moment when you make a new decision or change a belief. All possibilities exist at any time and You are in charge of your own process. The information that comes through a reading can help you to be aware of different paths of potential. Equipped with the information, you can make choices which support what you want to create in your life. You may receive a perspective as to where you are now and trending, along with the probabilities of what you are asking about.

Universal teachings often come up during readings along with specific actionable information.

After The Session:

I will be recording the session but have pen and paper handy to jot down notes in case there is a glitch with the system. You will receive the recording within 36 hours of the session. If you don’t contact me.

Once you have received the recording, I highly suggest you listen to it again, with pen and paper at hand to take notes and write down the suggestions and guidance that came through. Often during the session people don’t hear all the information and relistening is valuable time spent.

Whatever you hear and learn that resonates with you take immediate action on it. The universe loves speed.

If you hear something that doesn’t make sense or resonate in the moment, please don’t discount it. Instead put it on a shelf where you can reach it at any time.

My clients will often tell me that something they heard during their reading did not make sense to them and then in the days, weeks, even months following the session, a piece of information comes into their life and suddenly the reading makes sense.

How Do We Connect?

Once you have signed up for your reading reach out to me to set up the day and time of the session. I most often reply within 24 hours. Please refer to the sign-up page for times of session according to time zones.

Sessions are held via Zoom Platform. Audio only.

Please note: When you ask about other people, the Beings of Light and I are respectful and honour their energetic boundaries. We will energetically ask the person if they want to participate in the reading. If the person you are asking about does not give subconscious consent, the Beings of Light will not scan them or ask them questions. If the person being asked about agrees to participate in the reading, they are welcomed into the conversation. Children and pets are usually very receptive to joining the discussion. Please provide the person’s name, age, relationship to you and location.I practice energy etiquette in all activities and services I offer and do not engage in psychic spying or interference. If you suspect your husband or wife of cheating, ask them directly.

Are the readings 100% accurate? No reading by anyone is 100% accurate. Universal energy is always in motion. The people around you are changing. You are changing your beliefs, emotional state, behaviours, actions, dreams and desired outcomes. Timelines and paths change. But after many years of doing readings for people just like you, I feel confident in saying that what comes through during the reading is very good information.

*Based on the information that comes forward, you may feel led to work with me to do inner work sessions, which is the foundation of my offerings. You can find that information under the Services tab. Email me if you have questions about the method and process, I use.

Any health information put forth during readings is not intended to supersede or substitute that of a physician, mental health-care professional or holistic practitioner. If you have a medical problem, see your physician or other licensed practitioner.


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