Last night a wicked band of thunderstorms moved across Southern Ontario. I watched the hammerhead front move across the sky from the security of my balcony. It was an awesome sight. The billowy dark clouds. The incredible slashes of lightening. The roar of the thunder. Most certainly the angels in heaven were bowling last night. (wink, wink)

Ask a weather person and they will tell you that this storm was caused by the humidity of the day and two weather fronts meeting each other; one from the north and one from the south. For me this storm was the culmination of what began during the last three eclipses and in particular our last lunar eclipse this past Wednesday.

The information I received from The Tribunal echoed the information many channels received from their guides regarding the eclipses. The portal doors of change would remain open until August the 9th. (at that time this portal closes temporarily, not not worry)

As I watched the storm my intuition told me that this storm was the crescendo on what began during the Summer Solstice. I could feel the intensity of the storm gathering up negative energy patterns from all of us and transforming them into a new and positive energy. It was exciting to experience.

As I stood out on the balcony the winds of change swept through my body and I could feel much of the old just simply fall away. I even tested the waters by trying to focus on a negative belief previously held and couldn’t. In fact what I did discover instead during this experiment was an inner smile so big and loving; laughter and a positive statement of belief in its place. Hurray!

As the noise of the storm continued to thunder overhead the silence of my Soul was broken. It seems I had consciously come to terms with the question I had asked of my Soul and now it was ready to give an answer. An answer I would receive without doubt or rationalization peaking in.

The answer was yea! Do it. You are supported. The answer felt strong and assured.

I checked in with The Tribunal to see if they had any other guidance to offer on what my Soul expressed and they concurred. The Tribunal is in full support of moving in the direction of yea, taking this opportunity, even if temporary.

They did suggest I do a bit of research to find the right company to facilitate the venture and assured me that when the right one crossed my path it would be highlighted for notice.

Thank you for my Soul whispers and for the confirmation.

~Love, Esther~

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