Esther’s Question: Tribunal what would you like to say to readers of this blog and to the world about the upcoming lunar eclipse?

We are greatly pleased that you have asked us this question and are able to respond to your query, for it is an important eclipse, rounding out the trinity as you so call it. It is a rare event for three eclipses to occur in such a short frame of time and it is of no coincidence that these eclipses are happening now leading up to 2012.

For this is a summer when people are having to make decisions. People are making conscious decisions, even though they may not be aware of it. This summer through the energy of the eclipses, people are being asked to let go of the limitations and negativity of the past. –To create a vision, clear and natural of what they want in the future– and then move to the soul level of themselves–sitting and functioning from that place, to create their desires. Let us explain further.

In the first eclipse the energy was that of examining what has been holding you back, working through limitations, fears, past experiences and judgements which had been holding people back from stepping into new frontiers and creating a new reality. Not everyone has chosen to let go of these limitations and it is important to honor the fact that each person is on their own journey and is moving along the path at their own chosen speed and rate. Please note this was not a one time occurrence of examination and letting go. People always have an opportunity to make that shift.

The second eclipse at the end of July was about getting very clear and specific about what you want your life, reality and future to look like. We encouraged people to write down their thoughts, refine the vision, examine it–really get a handle on what you want to create –and be consciously aware of all possibilities that exist within the realm of what you are creating.

For with wealth come challenges. With love come challenges. With a new job or career come challenges. There is a polar opposite to all of your desires and it is important to understand these polar opposites may pop up as you create your desire.

As we loom towards the next eclipse on August the 5th, this will be a soul level shift. People will be asked to lead and move forward from the place of their soul, with love and compassion, without judgement or limitations–living neither in the past nor in the future but in the present, carrying the view that “it is what it is,” and the belief that anything is possible.

The deeper you are able to move into this soul level the more quickly and effectively your manifestations will occur. Again not everyone will choose this route. Remember, it is what it is. There is no right way or wrong way. Everyone is on their own unique journey.

We encourage all of you from two days leading up to the eclipse to four days following the eclipse to be very mindful of your soul, of your desire to lead from the soul, of what you want to create. This is a time to be even more conscious of your thoughts and in control of your thinking. By doing so, you will set in motion for yourself a path of growth in all areas of your life, which will be expansion and pleasing to you.

There will be more information coming and we will prompt our channel Esther to connect with us so we can provide more information to you as the timing dictates.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak with you on this subject. There are many of us in the universe, in this non-physical reality watching your planet with keen curiousity and excitement during these times. It is with awe and wonder we watch the decisions people make.

In fact if you could see us right now, it is as if we are parked around the planet watching what is  happening on earth just as humans go to a drive in, park around a screen and watch a movie unfold.

We will not interfere for free will abounds. But we are here to guide you, direct you and provide for you the information you request in order to make the most of this special time in history.

Love to you ~The Tribunal~


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