The next time you feel fear, instead of pushing it away or quickly changing your thought to something more positive, confront your fear. Feel it. Acknowledge it. By acknowledging the fear, it loses its power. Much like how a bully loses his or her power when the person being bullied stands up for himself.

Stare down your fear. Refrain from developing or enhancing it. Do not allow your mind to run wild with the fear. Stare it down.

We suggest using the breath to breathe peace, joy and love into the fear. The breath shifts emotions and energy. There is change in the breath. As you breathe into the fear and acknowledge it, set your intention to release it.

Focus on what you do want instead; the opposite of the fear. Then again with the breath, bring the feeling and the emotion of what you desire into the location of your body where the fear is  felt. For most it will be in the solar plexus or chest area.

There are many people who are not acknowleding their fear,  out of fear of creating their fear. Acknowledge. Stand up to it. Use the breath to release it and replace the fear with the emotion attached to what you do want to create.

In peace ~The Tribunal~

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