Imagine a tomato sitting on your kitchen counter. The tomato is ripening nicely, waiting to be used and feels great about  itself.

At some point the tomato spots a nearby banana and the  tomato says to itself,

“Oh look at that banana. I am round and it is long and thin.

It is a beautiful yellow color and I am orange.

Oh look, inside of that banana there is something soft and sweet.

I have nothing to offer like that.

Oh I want to be a banana. If only I was a banana.”


But here is the catch.

The person who bought that tomato and placed it in the kitchen wants the tomato to be a tomato. That person desires maybe even craves its sweetness, acidity, its yumminess.

If the tomato became a banana that person would be disappointed when it needed a tomato.

The tomato needs to embrace who it truly is, celebrate its uniqueness and rest in who it truly be.

Now you’re probably giggling rolling your eyes as you read these words.

I offer you this example to show you the absurdity of what we do as human beings when we compare ourselves to one another.

“Oh I wish I had longer legs. Oh I wish I was smarter. I want bigger muscles. I wish I was prettier. I am not worthy enough. I am not talented enough,” are all thoughts and words we have said to ourselves during our life time.

Instead of comparing ourselves with others how about embracing who we truly be–our uniqueness?

Doesn’t that feel better and lighter then that comparing energy?

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness each of us brings to the world.

You are one in 7.1 billion ( the population of the earth).

Can it get more unique and special then that?

Free yourself from comparison. Be who you truly be,  the gift to the world that God created.

~Love, Esther

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