Your body has a message for you.  In fact your body is one of your main guides on this journey of life and has many messages if you take the time to listen.

The Body Deva, that is your body Spirit, has consciousness something even scientists are willing to acknowledge.

It wants to be a source of information and guidance working with you in harmony to create the life you desire.

It is your earthly home, vehicle, container in which your Soul Esscence takes up residence so you can touch, love, experience and grow.

When something is out of sync in your life, your body Deva will be sure to tell.

While we are all unique and the messages of the body are personal to each person, there are some commonalities which present when the body talks.

For example, back pain often relates to stress and feelings of not being supported. Lower back pain may signal a past life influence.

When your joints ache their message is often one of flexibility. Where can you be more flexible in your life or where are you bending too much on the whim of others?

Unresolved anger often shows up as breakouts on the face, kidney problems and a backed up colon.

The Body has wisdom and secrets that it’s eager to share.

And it loves when we listen to its guidance responding in kind by repairing and healing itself, bringing you into greater aligment of mind, body and Spirit.

When you listen to the wisdom of the body it will offer information and work with you to co-create health, vitality and well being in all areas of your life.

So how do you glean secrets and information from your Body Deva?

Just ask it.

Talk to you body as you would a friend.

Ask it questions.

What is the message in this pain?

What do I need to know about my illness?

What am I not learning from you that if I did learn it would change my health and life around?

Sweet body what do you need from me right now?

And then give the body what it needs; follow its guidance.

The body will speak to you in many different ways. Through words, images, feelings, sensations, knowing and sounds. It speaks to you through the aches, pains, discomfort and dis-ease.

It’s like when we get that gut feeling and we know it means, “Uh oh watch out, be careful.”

If you listen and pay attention you will hear the body speak and if need be ask it to repeat the information in a way you will understand more clearly.

Your Body Deva is for you not against you.

So sit quietly, take a deep breathe in, say, “Hello sweet beautiful body,” begin to ask your questions and listen for the answers.

~Love, Esther

Need help talking to your body and receiving its wisdom? Working with the body is one of Esther’s specialities. She talks and listens to her body everyday. Consider a one on one private session with Esther or a channeled reading to help you connect more deeply with the wisdom of your body, free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to greater possibilities?  Click here to open the door.







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