It’s been a while since my last post, but I felt compelled today to sit down and write you a note, because the next two months, April and May, are full of WILD and RARE Energies. Anything and everything can happen and I want to bring the possibilities into your awareness.

The Run Down:

April 1st: New Moon in Aries, the first new moon of the astrological new year indicating new beginnings.

April 5th: Saturn and Mars Conjunct. This is a big deal because the influence will be with you for two years.

April 12th: Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction. This is a RARE alignment as it happens every 13 years. A NEW 12 year cycle begins.

April 16th: Full Moon in Libra.

April 30th: Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 16th: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Eclipse Season is at hand. A time when anything can happen; a COLLECTIVE SHIFT is highly likely. And boy do we need it.

As you can see we have a few unique and rare transits happening over the next two months, so buckle up.

Today I want to focus on Saturn and Mars Conjunct on April 5th.

Saturn is the planet that influences taking responsibility for your life. Taking ownership over your mistakes, problems and victories. It holds a serious tone. I call it tough love approach. It desires a strong foundation and likes rules and structures to be in place.

Mars is the warrior, action taker; fast moving energy. Mars is a soldier. Soldiers follow rules so it won’t be protesting Saturn’s request to tow the line. Action over the next two years under this transit will be heavily influenced by sticking to rules and regulations.

I suggest that you go to an online astrology site and find out which house this transit is happening in your birthchart. That insight will help you to prepare for where this influence may show up in your life. There are many on line calendars, some like

For instance Saturn Mars Conjunct is happening in my 8th house which holds the themes of other people’s money, inheritance, taxes, investments, crypto, stocks, money from clients, death etc… That means over the next two years I will experience new beginnings and new cycles in these areas.
I need to be more disciplined and put in extra effort in these areas. I won’t be able to ignore changes in these areas and if I do, I may find life difficult.

Find out which house this transit is happening for you to zero in on what you might experience. It is information worth knowing.

In general, Saturn/Mars energy is tough. Serious. Requires order. It is a face it, deal with it, you can’t ignore these issues anymore kind of energy.

I like this energy for PROBLEM SOLVING and getting your house in order.

I like this energy for addressing and releasing psychological issues from the past. Releasing trauma, that unexpressed emotion you hold within.

I like this energy for addressing addictions and taking steps towards freeing yourself from their grip.

Addictions have many different influences and one of them is interfering spirits, energy attachments or some call them entity influence.

Interestingly over the last month I have had many requests from people to do entity clearing work with them. I have moved away from such work unless it comes up naturally in a session with a client, but I do want to help people free themselves from interfering spirits and energies. So I have decided one more time, to hold a workshop teaching YOU how to free your mind, body and energy field from spirits, energies and other outside influences. Including artificial intelligence and implants.

EVERYONE is affected by interfering spirits and energies to one degree or another, but I believe 100% that you can clear these energies on your own.
I want to teach you how, so that you can feel empowered to do this important energy work when you need it.

Watch for class details coming soon.

In the meantime wild and interesting times ahead energetically.

But life is always what YOU make of it.

Despite the noise of the world, I don’t allow anyone or anything to rob me of my joy. It’s a choice; a mindset. I don’t ignore what is happening on the world scene, but I won’t allow it to stop me from enjoying life. I continue to create on my terms. Join me?

~ Love Esther

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