Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend and I was blessed to head out of the city and spend some time with my mom and her husband at their cottage. They live in the most beautiful space on a lake just outside of Kingston, Ontario.

My timing for the visit couldn’t have been better. Turkey was cooking in the oven and the fall leaves were at their high peak for color. Splashes of orange, red and yellow were everywhere.

I was in awe during the three and half hour drive to the cottage and then gasped in amazement at what was presented to  me once I had arrived at my destination. I wondered if I had ever witnessed anything so spectacular in my life.

As I gazed at the still water surrounded by forest in a blaze of color; I listened to the chirping sounds of nature and felt connected. I felt at one with the mineral, elemental, animal and nature kingdoms.

For two days I soaked in the glory of the universe and allowed myself to expand within myself to receive the beauty and awesome of what I witnessed.

Yes I have seen fall leaves before. Yes I have viewed spectacular nature settings before, but this time something was different. There was a stillness, a calmness that pervaded the scene. That stillness coupled with the beauty penetrated my heart, soul and mind. I would look and look and look and feel settled inside that deep down all is well within myself and  with the world.

I felt most blessed every morning when I woke up and lifted my head from the pillow. That 10 inch lift offered me a view of the lake with the mist rolling around on top of the water. The leaves were turning a brighter shade; the sun inching up over the tree tops and the sound of the loon haunting the morning skies. Could anything be more perfect? 

In those moments I would pause and give gratitude to God for all of my blessings. I savoured those moments of stillness before anyone began stirring inside the cottage. I delighted in what was being reflected back to me.

 My Soul didn’t need to whisper. No message needed to be said. We were complete in oneness.

~Love, Esther






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