*This post is a follow up to The 10 Most Important Minutes Of Your Day —click here to read it first.


Now that you are off to a great start each day the next five most important minutes are right before you fall asleep.

The book is closed, lights are out and slumber calls. The five minutes before you head off into your sleep state are perfect for programing your subconscious mind with all of the beliefs, visions, patterns and behaviors you want to hold and experience in your life.

Why? Because  studies show that your subconscious is receptive and will integrate the information while you sleep.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do to make the most of this time. I do them all every night.

  • Call back all of your energy,  which you left scattered throughout the day, back to your body. ( I have written about this before–click here to reread that post)
  • Release from your body and energy field  other people’s energy. You will be surprised how many people attach and stick to you throughout the day. Send them home.
  • Review your day giving thanks for all of the blessings, victories and lessons you have learned. This practice of gratitude keeps you from focusing on the negative and yes sometimes just making it through the day is a blessing.
  • Declare your day complete.
  • Bring to mind any beliefs or affirmations you are wanting to integrate more deeply into your subconscious. For instance: I am enough. I am lovable. I accept myself. The Universe provides and is always conspiring on my behalf. I am smart.
  • On the screen of your mind or in your feeling, sensing body think about a situation you want to create in your life. Imagine it as if it is happening now and feel the feeling of it. Drop into that feeling deeply so that it is the last thing you feel and remember before you fall asleep.

Now while you are in a sleep state your subconscious mind has good things to mull over and integrate rather then worry about bills, focus on aches and pains or build upon stress.

The last and first five minutes of your day are the 10 most important minutes of each and every day. Use this time in a conscious and wise manner to set yourself up for success and fill your being with all that you are, a magnificent conscious creator.

~Love, Esther



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