You are in fast forward motion.

Ready to take inspired action.

Open to Big Change.

Inner Work is well under way.

You feel your Spirit and Inner Self moving at a rapid pace.

The problem?

Your outward reality is moving in slow motion.

You feel like you are trudging through sludge and your inspired action is taking too long to manifest into anything tangible.

The speed of your inner world is a mismatch to your outward experience.

And now you are frustrated just like a horse chomping at the bit, lined up at the starting gate, ready to run the race, but that damn gate just won’t open.

Questions arise: How do I allow my Spirit and Inner Self to maintain the rapid pace and let reality catch up rather then slow everything down?

How do I avoid frustration and/or reverting to old patterns to soothe the disconnect?

Allow your Spirit to hold it’s momentum by practicing each day to be in a receptive state.

Be open to the whirlwind inside of you and the moving through mud sensation on the outside.

Be in allowance of both energies.

Know that eventually your outward reality has to shift to meet your inner momentum, it’s Universal Law.

Only take action that is prompted by Spirit.

Focus on the one task in front of you.

Taking these steps will make it easier for you to release the frustration, keep the pace and encourage your day to day life to giddy up and get going.

This stage you are in is all about learning to be patient, quiet and trust the process.

It’s about taming the Ego’s need to fix the situation and allow it to “Be.”

By following your inner guidance you will discover when to take the next steps and when to hold up.

Your pace of manifestation will fall in line with your leading from within.

~Love, Esther

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