This morning I went for lattes with my friend Kelly. Although we only hook up every six weeks or so, it is always perfect and Divine timing. Because today is a Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse  I knew that our meeting was significant. And it was.
Kelly and I always seem to be coming to the same realizations and insights at the same time yet in the midst of our own unique life experiences. We learn and grow from one another. We are both willing to assist one another. Today was no exception. Love you Kelly. We knew when we met that God brought us together to be a part of each other’s life journey and the years have proven us right.
Today Kelly shared with me a passage from a book she is reading that was really profound for her. It resonated with me as well and my soul has prompted me to share it with all of you.
The author is Melody Beattie although I am unfamiliar with her material, I will soon be reaching out for her book, The Language of Letting Go. Thank you Melody for your eloquent words.
Surrender to your Feelings

Sometimes we think being strong means not giving in to our emotions. But that’s not strength that’s denial and resistance. Real power comes from being vulnerable enough to feel whatever we feel.

Keep going, we tell ourselves. Don’t give in. This will pass… But the only way to pass through these times is by feeling what we feel.  The longer we fight and resist our emotions, the longer the situation will continue that is triggering them.

We may not see the lesson until we feel the feeling. We may not see the issue, the next step, the way out or the way through until we give in, feel our emotions, then release them.  It’s not enough to talk about them, although that will bring them to consciousness, into the light of day. But talking about our feelings is different from surrendering to and feeling the emotional energy.

Feel the feeling, then release it. Now your soul and the universe can move you forward into new circumstances, into growth.  An issue to work on — (such as freedom, forgiveness, acceptance, love or valuing some part of ourselves and our lives) may naturally and automatically emerge. If we pay attention to the process by which we grow, we will clearly see that each step of the way (feeling our feeling, accepting it, and then releasing it) triggered the next step of growth. Soon we will see that we are learning a new lesson. We are on our way again.

There is magic in allowing our feelings to pass through us, magic in giving in.
There is power, more than we think, in being vulnerable enough to feel what we feel. 
~Love, Esther~

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