Many people I talk to on a daily basis ask me this question: “How do I find my purpose? and/or What is my purpose?”

The Tribunal my channeling guides often answer by saying, “Your purpose is whatever has been presented to you at any given moment.”

I tell people that my purpose found me. I wasn’t looking for it.

And yet many continue to stress about their life’s purpose which is an energy that only keeps your purpose bay.

But there is good news!

On February 3rd the planet Neptune shifts into its home sign of Pisces and will stay there for 14 years. This is very significant for all of us. I encourage you to find a good horoscope and see what this means specifically for your particular birth sign however there are some general aspects to this change which will effect everyone across the planet.

Neptune rules the subconscious. As it reconnects with Pisces it will help all of us on planet earth to explore our inner world. For some this might be troubling as issues rise from the depths for change and transformation. For others who have been doing their inner work and embrace the spiritual journey, this move will further aid in the cleansing and purging process.

The new position of Neptune will help us to explore the worlds of dreams, spirits and mysticism. On a global scale it will influence many areas such as spirituality, the arts, music, charity and entertainment.

For us holistic healers this is fabulous news because finally we will get the recognition that we deserve as more and more people will be open to and drawn to spiritual and holistic modalities for healing.

Neptune in Pisces will also assist us in connecting with our higher purpose as individuals, countries and on a global scale.

Universal love will be a focus along with a push towards greater self love and acceptance.

This shift that is happening  February 3rd is a big one. We will notice the effects immediately and they will linger and stay with us for 14 years.

Is it any wonder that so much attention has been placed on 2012 as being a time of a great change on planet earth?

For those of you still struggling to find your purpose, be open  there is a message for you in this energy.

~Love, Esther




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