Earlier this month I was asked to host a workshop on goal setting. Personally I  stopped setting goals about a year and half ago and struggled with the notion of helping others to set goals if it is something I no longer do myself.

The struggle was do I help people set and achieve goals–something I am capable of assisting with, or do I open their conscious awareness to the advantage of abandoning goal setting and instead follow inner leading each and every minute of the day?

I suggested to the organizer of the event that I would like to help participants listen to and follow the promptings of their inner being rather then set goals. Without missing a beat she said, “But I don’t understand, everyone needs to set goals. Especially us entrepreneurs we need to set goals for our business.”

I responded by saying that is certainly one way of looking at it but I have come to a point of view and understanding that goal setting is a crumbling belief structure and following the lead of inner self is where the real action and fulfillment lies.

We chatted for a few more minutes but she couldn’t wrap her head around my suggestion so we decided to let the idea sit on a shelf for a bit and revisit the opportunity in September.

But I thought this would be a great time to present to you my suggestion of Stop Setting Goals.

Oh the protest. I can hear it from here.

How can you achieve anything if you don’t have any goals, something to move towards, you ask?

It’s a great question.

Here’s my perspective. You, your true self, your inner being knows exactly what you want and Universe knows as well. You don’t have to say the words out loud, ” I want to release 10 pounds. I want to have 12 new clients this month. I want to meet a fabulous guy/girl for relationship. I want to vacation in Brazil.”

Your inner being knows what you want and Universe knows as well. It’s expressed in your vibration. The inner thoughts, feelings, visions, senses you hold about what you want.

For example every time you open a magazine and gaze in desire at that new purse, pair of shoes, dress, vacation home, car, ski trip or seminar, you are sending out a vibration to the Universe of–this is what I want–without uttering one single word.

Your inner being and Universe will always be working on your behalf to bring to you what you desire. Don’t worry about that. Just make sure that your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, feelings, energy vibration are in alignment with what you want. And have clarity otherwise you get muddled results.

Then follow the leading of your inner self.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are an entrepreneur and your goal is 12 new clients this month. Instead of setting this as your goal and then working towards it–which for me brings forth the energy of working hard (ugh). I picture myself in front of my computer banging my head against the desk, frustrated and wondering how am I going to achieve this goal?

Instead  how about waking up each day and asking your inner being, “Being you know what I want. What can I do or be or think today to bring in more business?”

Then listen to what your being says.  It might be, “Head to the beach for some free time.” A trip to the beach may free up your creativity or result in an unexpected encounter with someone at the refreshment stand who needs exactly what you have to offer.

Or your being might say, ” Give so and so a call and see what they are up to.”  When you do you discover that they were “Just thinking about you,” and ask you for a coffee during which a terrific idea is birthed.

Or your being might say, “Start eating better and get more exercise.” Because it knows what you are asking for is coming down the pipeline and you need to be in tip top shape to deal with the influx of business right on your doorstep.

When you allow your inner being (or inner self whatever term is comfortable for you) to guide and direct you, your goals will come to fruition with joy and ease rather then with struggle and a lot of hard work.

Yes there are things I want to do, experience and create in my life. I trust that my inner being and Universe know exactly what they are and are always working on my behalf to bring them into my life.

My job is to be open and ready to receive, clear the blocks and say, “Yes,” to what comes.

My job is to ask my being , “What is that you want me to eat today? wear today? go today? do today? be today? feel today? read today? create today?”

By trusting what comes and taking action on it all I want tumbles into my experience without “hard work” and with loads of fun because I am in the flow.

Perhaps you are not ready to abandon goal setting. That’s fine. It took me about two years to let go of that old paradigm. Stay open to the idea and if you feel led try an experiment; stop setting goals.

Instead ask your being, “What can I do,  be or think today to bring ______ into my life.”

Leave a comment and let me know what happens.

~Love, Esther



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