August 27th Energy Update: A STELLAR Day is at hand! Make the most of it. Some Astrologers are calling today perhaps the luckiest most fortunate day of the year. My suggestion? Do everything you can to be in the highest vibration, holding the most positive thoughts. You attract your vibration match and with Universe splaying the planet with lusciousness you want to be a match!

Universe says show me your vibration and I will show you miracles. ~Unknown.

What’s creating all the fuss? Venus and Jupiter are in a beautiful and harmonious alignment today which peaks at 6:15 pm Eastern time. This pairing creates the ideal conditions for love, good fortune, socializing and surprises!

Venus is the planet of love, romance, relationships, beauty, finances and creativity. Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune, it expands everything it touches. In today’s alignment you may experience a Divine Connection for love, a marriage proposal, meet someone new. An email, phone call, text or any kind of message may bring awesome news! Today is a good day to recheck tinder as you might be swiping right alot!

The atmosphere is one of a party, celebration, optimism, generosity.

Have you had your item on a specific item for purchase, new car, TV, little black dress, bedroom set….well today you may find it on sale.

Has your home been on the market for a while with no buyers in sight? Today may be the day that offer comes in.

Have you been waiting to here about job that you would love to have? That news may come today.

Again do whatever you can to be in the highest vibration you can hold and attract all of these possibilities and more to you.

There is also the flip-side. Jupiter expands everything it touches. If you are a jealous person that will be amplified. If you are in fear that will be amplified. If you choose not to go out and mingle, socialize, say yes to a dinner date these things you desire will be pushed away.

So make the most of this day! Let your appetite for life be large and thirst for even better then what you can imagine.

~Love, Esther

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