The Doorway Opens: Celebrate, Reflect, Be In Joy

On 12-12-12 according to galactic astrology we will reach a tipping point and all 12 dimensions of our universe will be activated opening a gateway that will allow Divine Light and Love to flood humanity and Earth like never before. This gateway will be open until 12-21-12.

Before I continue just a gentle reminder that during this month of December you will hear many perspectives, opinions and channeled messages about 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. Always check in with your spirit being to see what it right for you. What is truth for you? What resonates with you? Everything else is simply information. Also my aim is to take complicated issues and concepts and make them simple for you. I trust I will be able to facilitate that today.

Let’s continue…

The influx of Divine Light and Love that will shine upon us will activate our light bodies. Our DNA will change. Limitations will be flushed, we will move into higher vibrations and frequencies, the light will activate our crystalline light bodies.

You may notice and feel the flood of light during these 10 days. Everyone will experience this universal event differently and in their own way. You are on a personal journey of transformation. Those who have been diligently doing their inner work  may experience extreme love, joy, lightness of being. Others who have been slow to awaken or pushed their inner work off to the side may experience discomfort as the toxicity of limitation is flushed from their body, course corrections take place and issues rise to the surface for resolution.

Everyone will receive the light and move forward to the degree they are willing, ready and open to receive. No one is left out. Even those who live in a unconscious haze and are unaware of the rising vibration across the planet will receive a bump up to the degree they are ready.

Here’s an illustration. Imagine you are in a high rise building on the third floor and you want to go up to the fifth floor. You can stand in front of the door and wait for someone else to come along and press the button. You can choose to take the stairs which will take time and much effort. You can take the elevator that stops at every floor to allow people in and out. Or you can take the rapid torpedo elevator, no stops, accelerated ascension to the fifth floor. Your choice. No right or wrong. Just what is perfect for you. Make sense?

Ascension is a process rather then an event. A process of self awareness, moving into more consciousness, higher vibrations and new energy. It is an awakening. It is not about leaving the planet but rather experiencing yourself, other people, the earth, animals, plants, elementals differently with eyes wide open, love, joy, compassion, understanding and non-judgment.

As we move into these new earth energies. Polarities drop away. (That is the black and white thinking, this or that, win or lose mindsets).

What can you do on 12-12-12 to honor the energy? Celebrate you, life, the earth and nature. Be in joy. Take time to do something you love: coffee with a friend, play with children, walk a dog, read a book, swim, watch a movie, meditate, exercise, listen to beautiful uplifting music, play, have fun.  Raise a glass and toast all that you have moved through and released this year. Well done sweet being! Connect with your I AM Presence. Hold the intention to move forward. Release the limitations: beliefs, patterns, judgments, decisions, conclusions, strategies and energies keeping you in density.

And if you choose take a few minutes, 13 to be exact, to listen to the free 12-12-12 Mini Activation that the beings of light asked me to create for all of you. Click Here to access it.

Spoiler Alert: The world is not going to end on December 12th, 13th, 21st, 22nd or January 1st. But people will awaken to more change and consciousness like never before and that will crumble away old, outdated, stagnant dense energies ushering in new fifth dimensional energies. So it is an ending of sorts but not in the manner that doomsday sayers speak of.

And ascension does not stop this month. It will continue on into 2013 and beyond.  2013-2015/16 people will be getting used to the new energies. There will continue to be threads and layers of limitation to release. But the big push we received all year long and especially this month will support us tremendously in our growth and transformation process.

On December 21st which interestingly is also Winter Solstice a day of stillness and deep silence, the gateway closes. To assist you in bringing this big push to its highest degree of fulfillment, to ground you into new earth energies, balance your being with the new vibrations,  I will be hosting a 12-21-12 Global Meditation and Energy Event. One hour of energy activations, processing and vibrations. Cost has been kept to a minimum so all who desire can join in.

Click here for sign up.

Enjoy the sweet energy!

~Love, Esther






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