Yes that’s right, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that I belong. I have long ago worked through my issues and beliefs of not belonging, being unwanted and not fitting in.

I know deeply in my core that I belong simply because I exist. That I belong because I am connected to everything through God the Universe. I have a family to which I belong. A professional industry, circle of friends, acquaintances, social media spheres, special interest groups and there’s my gym buddies. Yes I belong.

But sometimes in the midst of all this belonging I feel that I don’t belong.

It’s a deeper root.

I look around at all of my connections and engagement and sometimes I feel out of step or out of tune with everyone. I feel in my belonging that I don’t belong with the very people I connect with.

It’s interesting because it is during these times that I look around and realize that there are many others who are also “connected” who feel like they don’t belong.

Is this resonating with you?  Do you get my drift?

I know many of you do because if you are a reader of this blog then at times I am sure you have felt exactly the same way.

In fact you are the ones I am addressing because it is during these times when I feel I don’t belong, that I look around and notice all of these other people I connect with who also feel like they don’t belong.

And in that noticing I realize that we all belong together in our feeling of not belonging.

In fact I have dubbed us the Not Belonging Club which is an oxymoron because as members of this club we belong.  😉

And that’s the beauty of life. Because we are all connected as spirit we all belong. Even when we feel like we don’t belong.

Hands up whose in the club?

~Love, Esther

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