Solstice Gateway December 18-23rd is now Open. This is a Gateway within a Gateway and it is in full swing and Powerful.

Big Change. Fast Change. Doors Opening and Closing Rapidly. Miracles, Opportunities and Blessings. Miraculous Manifestations. Karmic Release of Lifelong Issues. New Foundation. New StructuresRestart, Renewal on a Grand Scale Individually and Globally. Expansion of Self to Greater Embodiment and Living as Divine.

We are in the midst of a most amazing time in world history on Planet Earth. A willing participant on a conscious journey of Ascension. Active participants in the liberation of humanity and the Earth from 3D/4D suppression simply by being the Light we are, and for those who are led, to be in service through action and other offerings. If I wrote a post addressing everything coming down the pipeline this Solstice Gateway it would go on and on. So I sat and asked my Guidance, What are the five most important pieces of information I can offer to assist you on your Soul’s Journey. Below are the the five pieces that I have been guided to share. What I suggest as we move through these next days of Solstice Gateway, is to be fully Present in the Now. Be Open to new Awarenesses. Set aside Solo Quiet time for your own well being and process. Trust your Intuition as it guides you on your path of highest potential. During the season of gift giving, give yourself these gifts as an act of Self Love and love of humanity. I will continue to post in the moment updates on Facebook and Twitter and also take a step back to prepare for Solstice and the upcoming Solstice Energy transmission I am hosting. All are welcome to the event, details below… And of course I always want to hear about your experiences. Your ah ha’s. The changes. We learn and growth from each other. Each of us has a piece to offer….

And with that here is what I feel guided to share…..

December 18th at 1:30 am Eastern, 6:30 am Universal time is the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This New Moon is happening in a place in the sky just a smidge off of alignment with the Galactic Core of our Milky Way. The New Moon always brings forth the energy of New Beginnings. The Galactic Core is the center of our Galaxy where bursts of high vibrations, frequencies and coding come forth to assist us in our Ascension process and Evolution. This positioning indicates MAJOR renewal and restarts for all, individually and globally.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18  squares Chiron. We have been feeling the Chiron influence all year long as Chiron loves to push to the surface shadow, emotionally charged memories from the past which we have suppressed in avoidance and or perceived protection. That which has been hidden under the programming of, out of sight out of mind, is flushed to the surface by Chiron who knows that allowing the energy to fester does nobody any good, and in fact only holds you back. Chiron also assists if you are willing, to release the limitation and help you to enhance your natural abilities as healer.

December 19th Saturn wraps up a 29 year transit through the zodiac and moves into its home sign of Capricorn at 11:48 pm Eastern, Dec 20th 4:48 am Universal, for a two and half year run. Thus not only starting a new short cycle but also new 29 year cycle. We are right now wrapping up the end of a 29 years cycle and clearing Karma deeply and effectively. Anything you have been dealing with for a long time, perhaps for all of your life, can be released NOW if there is no more benefit to it hanging around. During the next 2 1/2 years in Capricorn, Saturn a slow moving planet, will be creating new foundations and structures in our lives and globally based on what we have learned over the last cycle. This is a BIG Deal. Many are talking and writing about it. In fact many, myself included, are anticipating that in 2020 when Saturn leaves its home Capricorn for another trip around the zodiac, everything will be very different within and on the planet. Mark it in your calendar. What changes is always determined by you, the choices you make, the energy you hold. You are in charge of your own process co-creating with Universe.

December 20th Venus connects with Chiron and Uranus allowing for deep insights and awareness regarding all issues Venusian. Relationships, love, beauty, wellness, finances, wealth; creativity. The insights creating a letting go. Levelling up. The spark of new ideas, plans, concepts of reality and desires. New Beginnings. This alignment could be very exciting!

Solstice December 21st at 11:28 am Eastern, 4:28 pm Universal, the moment when the Sun follows Saturn and moves into Capricorn aligning with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way and an unprecedented outpouring of New Light, New Frequencies and New Codes showers the Earth and all that roams upon it with waves of energy to assist us in our evolution and Ascension Process. We open to more consciousness, our bodies change, DNA changes, our vibration is lifted, the old is purged; we celebrate the Sun. Solstice happens twice a year. Cultures and tribes have been honouring Solstice throughout history. This is event is not NEW but what is New is where we currently stand in world history taking back our minds, bodies and lives breaking free from Illusion, Oppression, Poverty Consciousness, Ill Health, Mind Manipulation and Prisoner like Programming, to emerge and live as the Divine Beings we are. And yes we are making great progress especially this earth year 2017. Solstice will take each person individually and collectively to new heights if willing. We always have choice.

December 23rd Mercury stations and begins to turn direct after three weeks in retrograde. It has been a period of much reviewing and reassessing of our plans, dreams, our lives. Making adjustments along the way. Tossing out that which no longer fits and embracing New. When a planet stations either backwards or forwards, that is when it is at its most potent, therefore the energetics of the 23rd may be felt by many as communication mishaps, outbursts of emotion, general snafus, feeling stuck in mud.  And for some on the 23rd any Good News held at bay while Mercury was in Retro may come forward. I started this post with the words Doors Opening  and Closing Rapidly.

What I have offered above for your awareness and consideration are the highlights of this Solstice Gateway with brief explanation. There is Much Much more transpiring. I encourage you to be open to all possibilities. Feel into the energy of each piece and allow the energy to awaken deeper knowing, understanding and awareness within.

We enter into a time of Celebration. A Celebration of the Sun, the closing of another Earth year, movement into the next Earth year, for many the Celebration of holidays and religious occasions. I encourage to take time in the midst of all that is transpiring to Celebrate, to have some fun, laugh and be with those you love. I am grateful for you. I have love for you. I am delighted to be on a conscious journey of ascension with you.

~Love, Esther

Solstice Energy Transmission Live Event with MP3 Recording if you are not able to attend Live is happening December 21st at 11:00 am Eastern Time. Learn more and sign up Here.

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