This year December Solstice is ramping up to be more impactful then ever before. The Light pouring onto the planet holds the highest Divine Consciousness, vibration and frequencies ever splayed upon the Earth. Why? As humanity breaks free from the Illusion and moves into more consciousness, we all can Hold More Light. And Universe blesses us with more.

2016 has been a year of closure. We have been creating endings to paradigms and patternings which have held us back for eons. We have been identifying the Illusion, questioning all that we believed was True, and now with eyes and mind wide open we are seeking Truth and answers for ourselves.

Since December 12th we have been in the Solstice Gate-Way with Light flowing out of the Galactic Core of our Milky Way to assist us and the Earth in our Ascension Process.

Each year during December Solstice our solar system moves into alignment with the Galactic Plane and the Great Central Sun.

We receive a Wave of Light and Love directly focused onto Earth. A Wave of Light that works with each of us for our highest and best. Every person on the planet is affected including the animal and nature kingdoms; Gaia.

We can also work with the Light, move into harmony with it, and with intention and prayer receive the Light into our mind, body and energy field for transform from the inside out. We can with intention send the Light throughout the Earth, our solar system and surrounding Galaxies to create Universal Shift.

It is the Shift of the Ages and serves us in our Soul Purpose of living as our I AM Presence while in a human body right here on Planet Earth. We came to Earth in this lifetime for this very purpose of experiencing the transition from 3D to 5D and beyond, from human with Spirit to Galactic Human living as Divine.

Solstice is a sacred time revered throughout history by many cultures and continues to be sacred for those who are awake and aware.

As we do our inner work, claim our healing and release all that we are not, we are able to integrate more LIGHT and LOVE into our body vehicle, expand our I AM Presence and live the magnificent, glorious life we desire and on a Spirit Level know is possible.

Stay in the present moment. For it is in the Now as you follow through on your intuitive hits, letting go of expectation of how, when, where creations will unfold, that you give Universe the space to present to you even better then what you wished for. This is how Miracles unfold with those exclamations of OOO and AHHH.

The 12-12 to 12-21 Gate-Way of Light is not only drenching us in Love and the highest vibrations we can handle at this time, it is activating the Love and Light we hold within. Waking up our dormant DNA. Resetting us to our original Divine blueprint. Creating new time-lines and paths of potential.

The more Light you hold the more the dark, shadow, heaviness within stands out. While it may be uncomfortable, holding the awareness of what is still standing in the way serves you well in your movement toward deeper embodiment of I AM.

Solstice Revolutionary Change For You and The World. Why do I write these words? Immediately following Solstice we move into the last 10 days of the year. A time when the planet Uranus will have major impact upon us. Uranus is the planet of Revolutionary Change. Sudden Change. Dramatic Change. Offering each of us, humanity as a whole and the Earth the opportunity for rapid growth and expansion.

The more you release at Solstice. The more Light you receive at Solstice. The higher your vibration soars at Solstice, the greater the possibilities of this Revolutionary Change lining up with your deepest desires.

We attract to ourselves that which is a match to our most dominate vibration. Hold more Light and more that matches the Light, the Love will find its way into your experience.

Whenever I attend a Live Sporting Event, Concert or Theater there are always people who leave the venue early to beat the crowds and the traffic. I must admit in my youth I also did this once or twice taking my cue from a family patterning. And then I realized that the event it isn’t over until it is over and to have the fullness of the experience is what I came for and desire. If having the fullness of the experience means sitting in traffic talking about how amazing the game, concert, play was then so be it.

I share with you this story to create the awareness that 2016 is not over yet. There is still more to come and with all that is happening in the cosmos over the next 10 days the potential for that Change you have been co-creating with Universe all year long is great! Don’t check out of 2016 early only to surface in 2017 wondering what happened? Be present every moment of the day. Make the most of the energy waves sweeping across the planet. Be diligent in thought, belief, action and intention. Follow those intuitive nudges.

Bring LOVE into every choice you make. For when you choose from LOVE, transformation happens. Solstice Light is a key component to how this year will close and 2017 unfolds.Take time on Wednesday December 21st to be still, connect with the Sun whether with intention or outdoors and welcome in the Rays of Love.

And please consider joining me and people from around the Globe for the Solstice Global Meditation and Energy Transmission Event. It starts at 12 noon Eastern Time. You will receive a recording of the Event if you are unable to join me LIVE so you can listen and participate at a time that is convenient for you. All of the information and sign up can be found HERE.

Also please join me on Face Book where I post daily energy updates. I promise you it will be highly beneficial to have the scoop on the cosmic influences happening from now until the end of the year. Be sure to Like the page in order to have the information show up in your thread. Esther on Face Book.

Love and Light to all!


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