Monday April 3rd Energy Update: The big energy news of the day is the recent strong solar flares and solar winds emanating from the Sun. Flares continue to burst forth, in fact the strongest flare this year occurred on Saturday and winds buffet the poles. Whether you are aware of the sun’s activities or not we are feeling it in our day to day and in our bodies.
There was a time when solar flares and winds would knock us out for hours. Literally we would take to bed for deep sleep, feeling thirsty, hangry, you know that combination of hungry and angry, off balance, uncertain, and just plain weird. Now as our personal vibration has risen, as we have embodied more of our Divine Self in our human body, grounding regularly and more conscious, the solar waves of light don’t affect us so strongly but we still notice.
Solar winds and flares are the plasma Universe uses to sweep Light through our mind, body and energy field lifting the dross to the surface for release, activating dormant DNA, crumbling old DNA, igniting our Light Bodies, shifting consciousness and creating change from within.
The effects show up in everyone’s life differently but here is a scenario you might relate to. Let’s say there is a strong solar flare and the Wave of Light sweeps through your body. All of a sudden out of no where you are flooded with the memory of a time when you were five years old and stole a chocolate bar from the corner store. Your mom found out as did the store keeper and you had to go and apologize with promise to pay for the chocolate. Plus you got in trouble when dad came home. You were filled with guilt and shame and regret.
As the solar waves flow through you re-triggering this memory and the feelings attached, you feel like you are five years old again back in that situation wracked with guilt and shame. You have been carrying that burden of guilt and shame for how many years now? And finally the solar winds have lifted it to the surface, to your attention with the internal message: Do you need to continue to carry this heaviness, this limitation with you? or are you ready to let it go?
It’s not about wiping out the memory it is about releasing the emotion, feelings, beliefs and patterns attached. Like the belief of I am bad. Letting go of the guilt and shame. Only you can decide if you are ready to let go or need to hold onto those limitations a little while longer. This is just one way the solar activity helps us in our Ascension Process.
The Moon is in Cancer all day.
~Love, Esther

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