I’m reading Suzanne Sommers’ latest book Knockout. I am a big fan of Suzanne’s and hold a belief system of life and health much as she does. This book is a Knockout and I give it a thumbs up.

I was deeply stuck by a comment Dr. Stephen Sinatra made in his interview with Suzanne. He spoke on the mind body connection and how beliefs and the mind play a major role in health and healing. He said:

“Crying is the most healing of emotions because when you go into deep sobbing, not only does it alleviate tension in your vocal cords, in your lungs, in your diaphragm, and in you heart, but also the tears themselves are healing. Tears contain endorphins, and these are healing chemicals. When ever you cry you heal the body.” pg. 209

I read the passage a couple of times and even tweeted it. I reflected upon my past and realized that the times I let loose and sobbed for what seemed to be hours, I felt incredible release in my heart and in my being. Many times when I have cried, the crying was triggered by a minor incident but what poured forth was emotion and tension held deep inside my soul for years.

I always felt exhausted after these bouts of emotion and yet strangely better. Dr. Sinatra is right. Crying is therapeautic. I have experienced it myself.

I’ve noticed over the years that many of my clients express a fear to cry. They will often say, “Esther if I start crying and let out everything I am holding in, I am afraid that I will never stop crying.”

I always answer back by telling them that’s exactly why they need to cry. I get them to imagine all of that emotion, feeling, frustration, anger, saddness, upset, fear and tension stored inside of their soul and body.  Then I ask them to imagine what that stored up emotion is doing to them and how it is affecting their lives.

Most do see the benefits of having a good cry and are willing, but they have forgotten how to cry and  open themselves up to expressing of emotions. It is at that point that I work with them on their expression part. (Using the Core Belief Engineering Process)

Beyond the inner work which is essential to growth and expression, one technique I have used over the years to trigger myself into release is watching movies. If I need to laugh myself silly I watch comedies. If I need to crying myself free I watch a sad movie.

I’ve alway been one who sheds tears during touching commecials. Hallmark presentations on TV trigger huge bouts of emotions. Remember the movie The Champ with Ricky Schroder? Oh my, did anyone leave the movie theatre unmoved? I don’t believe so.

A recent CBE client of mine (www.changefromwithin.ca) told me that when she went to see the movie Precious many memories and feelings from her past flooded forth. She went home, had a good cry and felt much better.

This holiday season, a time when so much of our past floats to the surface triggering all kinds of emotions, give yourself permission to express them in appropriate ways. You will make significant shifts in your life as a result,guaranteed. And as Dr. Sinatra points out, you will alleviate tension in your heart.

~Love, Esther~







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