You are always busy working too much, cleaning the house, doing for others, getting lost in a relationship/family affairs; in being of service.
You aim for super mom, super wife, super employee, super friend, super coach; super volunteer.
You have to be in control all of the time. You don’t trust other people to get it done or to do it right.
Helicopter mom, or helicopter boss, wife, girlfriend, friend; sister; daughter. Micro managing.
You do everything yourself.
You bought into the “Hustle” culture. Get a side hustle or two along with your job, kids, partner, friends etc…
Don’t feel bad, I too bought into the “Hustle” culture as something women should do. I am woman, hear me roar and all that jazz. When I realized the hustle is not a healthy feminine energy, I ditched the hustle and now life is so much better.
You’re unable to to set healthy boundaries and if you do, when those boundaries are crossed you don’t speak up for yourself. Instead you seeth, binge eat, fall into victim mentality. Or your boundaries are like barricades and nobody, nothing can get in.

All of the above, shadow feminine energies particular Queen and Mother Archetypes.

Women living in their healthy feminine energies know when and how to slow down.
Enjoy the pleasure of relaxing. Not relaxing while doing something; relaxing.

Women living in their healthy feminine energies know when to take control and when to give it over.
And if someone doesn’t do it the way they would, they don’t get agitated.

Women living in their healthy feminine energies delegate.
They know they can’t do it all and frankly don’t want to do it all, it’s not their role to do it all.

Women living in their healthy feminine energies set boundaries but don’t use boundaries as a means to block off people and situations.
The boundaries are healthy not a prison cell.

Women living in their healthy feminine energies turn inward and self nurture.
I suspect many of you reading this post do turn within, but what about everything else?

Your Healthy Mature Feminine Energy is a Super Power. It is soft and strong.
Intuitive, Emotional and Expressive.
It is loving and generous, forgiving and receiving.

These are the qualities of Divine Feminine.
The Divine Feminine Essence God gave you when you as light being stepped into your female body.

We woman would like to think that we are living in our healthy feminine energies, the Light.
But if you are honest with yourself, as I was honest with myself, you will see that yes sometimes you do live in your healthy feminine energies
and sometimes you live in shadow energies. Often you go back and forth.
And that’s okay.
Our shadow is not to be cut out, denied or locked away. Our shadow is to be acknowledged, loved and assisted into a more healthier way of being.

When I started to connect with the feminine aspects within me, my inner healing expanded rapidly. I felt empowered as a woman.
I embraced being a woman with gusto and as a result I felt more settled and comfortable with who I am. Shadow and Light.
I felt happier and more excited about life.
I realized my shadow Queen, Lover and Girl energies were causing turmoil in my life and I made changes.

I am going to share with you all I learned during the upcoming program Radiate The Fullness of Your Feminine Energies. And, I’m going to teach you how to be with both in your Light and Shadow Feminine Energies. Be accepting of ALL while healing and Lighting up your Healthy Mature Feminine Energies.

The first step is assessing where you currently are in your Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Energies. Four of the 12 feminine archetypes or feminine energies identified by psychologist Carl Jung.

Are you in shadow energy or in Light? Does one feminine energy dominate over the others?
Do you have feminine parts in hiding? Begging for expression? Hurt and in need of healing?

Once you have a clearer picture of where you stand in your feminine energies and see where attention is required, I will offer you a number of home assignments and activities you can do to start the healing and rebalancing process. The activities are geared towards helping you to develope and enhance your healthy mature feminine energies.

So You Can…

Blossom as Woman.
Live more in your Divine God Given Feminine Energies.
Feel comfortable and settled being a woman; more of your True Self.
When you enhance your femininity you are in the flow of who you truly be and life becomes easier, more fun, satisfying and manifestation of desire quickens because you are creating out of your highest feminine aspects.

Program Starts April 1st. Offered as a beta version at a special pricing.

There are options to work with me one on one for a Feminine Energy Coaching Session or a coaching session plus inner work to address and shift a belief, pattern, hurt, wound holding you back from being a higher expressions of Female.

If you have questions about the program email and ask.

I can’t wait to get started with the beautiful ladies in my midst to RADIATE our Feminine Energies, DIVINE FEMININE.

Get All The Details:

Love, Esther

Did you have a takeaway from this post? I’d love to know what it is. Please leave a comment below.

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