When I started my therapy and healing practice many years ago I bought a Peace Lily for my office.

I placed it by the front entrance because according to Feng Shui the plant would absorb the noise from the outside corridor so not to bother those of us in deep work inside.

Plants are also believed to create peace and calm in people, facilitate healing and absorb negativity.

My Peace Lily went through hell.

With all the releasing happening during Core Belief Engineering Sessions my plant, full of unconditional love, absorbed negative energy from my clients during transformation.

When I went away on holiday and forgot to give the plant to someone for care it fell to the brink of death on more then one occasion.

When I worked with clients helping them bring victory and joy into their lives, my peace lily visibily danced with excitement.

Over three years ago my peace lily stopped blooming. It was stagnant in growth but remained a living green plant.

I never gave up on it because it wouldn’t let me.

Despite growing up on a farm surrounded by greenhouses and people with green thumbs I am a plant killer. But this peace lily stuck with me.

Last fall during meditation my lily asked me to repot it into a bigger more beautiful cask. 

I listened and found a beautiful pot for it to grow into.

Once the repotting was complete. The peace lily told me that it needed a friend. And so the same afternoon I received its request, I went out and bought a money plant to be its companion.

Over the last six months the two plants have flourished.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my peace lily was sporting a bloom.  I was thrilled because I knew that it was feeling loved and nurtured and ready once again to bring more beauty into my life and into the lives of those who would gaze upon it.

Today as I watered my plants I noticed that in fact there are three flowers on the lily.

Three the number of the holy trinity.


Definitely a sign that a blossoming is happening in my life and in the lives of those  with whom I am connected  personally and professionally.

Signs from the Universe Come In All Shapes And Forms.

What signs are you receiving?


~Love, Esther

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