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We all have wonderful and positive aspects of Self, and in our lives.

We also have issues and problems that we would like to sort out, solve and change for the better.

We repeat what we don’t resolve and repair = Patterns. Positive change at root cause is important.

Life is way to short to stay stuck in a holding pattern, in survival mode and always hoping or wishing instead of LIVING.


What’s not working for you? What do you want to change?

Indecision, patterns, behaviours, past memories and hurts, inner turmoil, fear, worry, anger, grief, confusion, disappointment, lack of self confidence and esteem; being stuck in fight, flight or flight freeze?

Beliefs, thought process, emotional reactions, mental blocks, perspectives, concepts of reality, interferring influence from family/friends/religion/society?

Do you want to change money issues, relationship, health and body, career, creativity, personal abilities, self imagine, your peace, joy and luck quotient?

To achieve the change you seek with long lasting results, it’s important to resolve your issues at their core cause. This is accomplished through a combination of conscious and subconscious exploration.  Creating conscious awareness and insight + discover, explore, release and heal your subconscious parts and programing.

When you take these steps, you …

Stop Chasing Your Symptoms and Finally Start To Manifest Your Dreams.

You begin to change your life and Design it as you want it to be. 

With your inner world i.e. thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, parts/aspects and visions all in alignment, You manifest the life you want to live and experience. Your desired outcomes.

Experience An Awakening to Greater Consciousness.

Reconnect With The True You. The You Full of Potential and Possibilities.

It’s True what they say, Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Life. 

One On One Session Work With Esther

  • Discover, Explore, Resolve and Change, blocks and limitations creating problems and issues in your life. When you hold a limiting belief, a system is created around it ie: patterns, behaviors, strategies, emotions, unresolved issues from the past, painful memories, perceptions, concepts of reality; even at times spirit attachments. All need to be addressed and released in order for you to create the change you desire, and establish a strong and loving inner support system.
  • During a session we start with one issue and determine, what is the change that you seek? Then, as the saying goes, peel the layers of the onion to get to the core belief(s) anchoring the issue, and the system created around it. I work with you to discover, explore and change the limiting beliefs, thoughts, decisions, judgments, patterns, behaviors, outside influence and lower frequencies keeping you stuck and holding you back in life.
  • Prior to our work together and in-between sessions, I will ask you to write me with updates, new insights, any information that is relevant to our focus. This extra session support will help create even more change.
  • I will intuitively use any number of different energetic tools during the session including the foundational Core Belief Engineering TM Process, Energy Healing, Conscious Work, Life Strategies, Quantum Practices, to help facilitate change at a deep core level.
  • What is Core Belief Engineering? It is the foundation of all my work. Core Belief Engineering or CBE, is a deep and holistic technique (mind, body and soul), that focuses on beliefs + their systems, and the premise that beliefs influence our behaviors and ultimately our results; the life we lead. Change the beliefs and the system changes. As the inner system changes your life changes. Read More About CBE.
  • Sessions produce Conscious clarity and awakening. Subconscious awakening and shifts.  Both leading to inner healing, inner conflict resolution, inner strength and peace, greater self confidence, more possibilities and a healthy inner support system to help you to create and live a better life. The life you desire and deserve.
  • Each session is individualized according to your situation and desires.  You choose what you want to address and work on. We will discuss pre-session and during the session what you want to achieve. Doing so gives us a jumping off point for your session and allows us to get specific and create deep change rather than surface work. Read Tips For Personal Sessions.
  • Free your mind and body from the heaviness holding you back in any area of your life. Create Change Now and begin living the life you desire.
  • Sessions will assist you to let go and transform your issues, become more conscious, hold new perspectives, be open to all possibilities and ways of being.
  • When you realize you have choice and that you are the creator of your life, anything is possible.
  • Expand your gifts, talents and abilities already in play and discover new ones.
  • Kick your creativity, confidence, relationships, social life, lust for life … into high gear.
  • Enhance your intuition; connection with Universe, Source; God.
  • Boost your money and abundance quotient.
  • Establish loving and satisfying relationships.
  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Live a more fulfilling life!
  • Each session builds upon the last to create deep change and a new strong supportive foundation from which to create and move forward.
  • No two sessions are alike.
  • The 90 min sessions are held via zoom. You will receive a recording.
  • I have also written Quantum Guidelines for sessions work. These are optional but highly recommended. Read them here.

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Empower Your Change, Two Session Package

Session One: The Beginning of Change, focusing on one specific topic or issue of your choice.

Session Two: Addressing additional issues attached to the topic at hand to create an even deeper shift.

Each session runs about 90 minutes, and are held 4 to 6 weeks apart via Zoom.

Includes pre session preparation. Email support in-between sessions. Post session check in.

$500.00 Add to cart

*Payment can also be made in BTC and ETH. Contact Esther.

Want to experience one session with Esther first and then upgrade to the package?

You have two weeks from the day of your session to upgrade to the package pricing.

Session length up to 90 mins.

$300.00 Add to cart



Additional Information:

These processes are unique for each person. Every session is confidential and conducted with deep respect. The work supports the realization of self awareness, healing and positive change.

Each session is a complete process with shifts and changes taking place.

Some issues are deep with many layers and more than two sessions may be required to get the full shift leading to change desired. The Empower Your Change Package is a great start to the process and many people get exactly what they need from two sessions to begin moving forward on their own.

It is important that you take responsibility for your change and follow through with any insights or information that came up during your session as inner guidance. Terms of Service.

The people I work with who experience the biggest and quickest changes are those who are focused and dedicated to their inner work. They complete the pre-session step of email correspondence to begin the process of flushing out limitation to the surface. In between sessions they email me updates, ask for clarity or help regarding something that came up in the session if needed. They take the inspired action steps that came forward during the session. And they stick to a schedule of booking their sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart for continuity and momentum. If a person struggles with something between sessions, I can offer tips and suggestions to get over the hump or we can advance your next session to address the layer coming up.

If you are able to turn within and access from inside of you, information, visions, feelings, sensations, knowings, words or thoughts, the process I facilitate is well suited for you.

If you are working on being able to access information from within, we can still work together, the pace might be a bit slower and we will spend time opening up your access, but it is doable if you are ready and open. I have worked with plenty of people who are just getting started on ‘turning within.’

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded. 

Please note recordings are a courtesy and from time to time technology fails and recordings are absent.

When you sign up for your session send me an email to set up your first appointment. Tell me your time zone and best days Monday to Friday. I will check my schedule and offer you options of earliest availability. Once you have chosen a time, call details will be sent to you.

Please note I often change time zones. 

Due to time zone differences, sessions for North American clients are scheduled for mornings local time, morning or afternoon in Europe and in Australia/New Zealand/Asia in the evening your time. Monday to Friday.

*A ONE TIME session reschedule is offered with 48 hours notice given via email.


Terms of Service ~ Refund Policy



About Esther Bartkiw


Hi, I’m Esther Bartkiw. I help people expand their potential and align themselves to love, health, wellbeing, abundance, dreams come true and their authentic self. The foundation of my work is mindset + inner healing sessions which focus on discovering, exploring and releasing limitations, restoring harmony and peace within, the catalyst for Change. I also offer accurate and actionable Readings of Divine Guidance, online classes and workshops, and amazing Retreats and Journeys to high vibe, interesting places around the world. Plus, I weave into my work Circadian & Quantum Principles and strategies to help you live optimally as designed.

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The information provided through is not offered as medical or financial advice. I do not practice psychotherapy, nor do I work with serious disorders of thought, mood, emotional regulation, cognition, behaviour, social functioning etc. If you have a serious disorder, the information on this site is not for you. It is important that you seek treatment from a physician, a psychologist or a psychotherapist.

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