Divine Guidance Readings

Receive Divine Guidance and Answers to Your Biggest, Most Pressing Questions. Feel More Confident and Focused in Making the Right and Perfect Choices for You.

  • Struggling to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life?
  • The Message of Body Pain or Ache?
  • Are you battling fear, anxiety, worry, trauma and want to know the core cause plus guidance on how to release it?
  • Perhaps you require insight into repeating patterns and how to transform them?
  • Seek clarity on the deeper meaning of life situations, people and events in your life?
  • Is the person you are dating the Right one for you?
  • Are you at a crossroads and wondering which path to take?
  • Is going back to school or changing career a good step?
  • Interested to know how you can best support your children, spouse, friend?
  • Feeling tired, unmotivated about life and wanting to know why and how to turn this state around?
  • Curious to learn Who Is Your Main Angel or Guide?
  • How is a loved one who passed away doing?
  • Who keeps leaving you feathers or coins in your path?

If you have questions, don’t we all, and answers are not coming, then a Reading is Perfect for you!

“I have conducted amazingly accurate Readings of Divine Guidance for thousands of people across the Globe, including International Government Officials, Multimillionaires, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Renowned Healers, Scientists, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Moms, Dads, Students, Anyone Who Seeks Information and Clarity in Order to Make Sense of their life situation and Move On.” ~ Esther

Equipped with Divine Guidance and Answers to Your Questions, what might be possible in your life?

  • Are you asking Universe questions and not hearing the answers?
  • Perhaps you are receiving answers but not trusting them?
  • Or maybe you just need confirmation that you are on the right path?
  • Do you want to deepen your Spiritual Connection to Divine Self, Universe, Your Guides, Awaken Your Third Eye, Take Your Soul Journey to the Next Level and need some input on steps to take?

We all need a little help from time to time.

We hit a blind spot or experience a glitch; hit a roadblock in some area of life and no matter how much we meditate, sit in silence, pray, ask our Guides for information it appears there is only Silence.

It can be discouraging. Creating struggle and anxious feelings as you try to figure it all out.

The struggle and discouragement STOP HERE.

During a reading of Divine Guidance, I will channel for YOU specific, clear and concise guidance, perspective and understanding on the issues important to you. To help you on your Soul’s journey and to create a better life.

Why Book a Reading with Esther?

Esther is gifted, natural, intuitive and channel. In the early days of her holistic counselling/mindset practice, Esther began to receive Divine messages for clients during sessions, that when acted upon, triggered massive awakenings, realizations and ultimately change. Curious about what was happening, she began to explore channeling and learning who, what was giving her these messages for the good of her clients?

Esther discovered that in addition to her own personal guides, she has a team of light beings who help her on a professional level, guiding session work and offering guidance and answers to questions. She calls her team, The Beings of Light.

During readings, Esther allows the information of Divine Guidance to flow through her to you unedited and uninterrupted. The information comes through in a variety of ways including words, images, flashes of events, body and energy scans, teachings, past, present and future timelines.

She knows how to work with the Beings of Light and your questions to get to the core of your issue and receive actionable steps to help you to resolve and turn situations around.
Esther’s unique combination of being a holistic core belief, mindset practitioner, energy reader, natural intuitive, energy worker and channel, allows her to provide you a comprehensive and detailed reading so that you can contemplate the information presented and take the steps that feel right for you.

What Do You Want to Know?

Get That Specific Personal Question Answered.

Then Meditate on the Information and Set into Motion What Feels Right to You.

Book A Private Reading

One Hour Private Session: $225 US

A private session. This option is ideal for those who have many questions and/or require in-depth information and support for a particular issue or area in their lives. With recording.

$225.00 Add to cart

Thirty Minute Private Reading: $125 US

A private session. This option works well for those who desire Divine Guidance on just a few issues and welcome a new perspective. With Recording.

$125.00 Add to cart

*Payment can also be made in BTC or ETH. Contact Esther.

Private Session Details

Please read Tips for Readings.

Once you have paid for your session, please contact me to book your session time.

Due to time zone differences, sessions for North American clients are in the mornings Monday to Friday, in Europe morning and afternoon and in Australia/New Zealand/Asia, evening your local time. I will work with you to find a suitable time.

Sessions are held via Zoom with recording.

  • The information given during your reading will be in direct response to your questions on any topic.
  • The recording is offered as a courtesy. Please take notes just in case the technology experiences a bump.
  • If you are dealing with a time sensitive or pressing matter, please pay for your service then contact me immediately with your request. I will do my best to meet your needs depending on my schedule.
  • These readings full of Divine Guidance, Information and Answers are in response to specific and direct questions. I do not predict the future as only you can predict your future through the actions you take, the vibration and thoughts you hold. It is important that you own your questions and ask what is on your heart and mind.
  • Please contact me if you need any assistance during the booking process.
  • Once a product or service has been purchased there are no refunds.

Terms of Service ~ Refund Policy


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Hi, I’m Esther Bartkiw. I help people expand their potential and align themselves to love, health, wellbeing, abundance, dreams come true and their authentic self. The foundation of my work is mindset + inner healing sessions which focus on discovering, exploring and releasing limitations, restoring harmony and peace within, the catalyst for Change. I also offer accurate and actionable Readings of Divine Guidance, online classes and workshops, and amazing Retreats and Journeys to high vibe, interesting places around the world. Plus, I weave into my work Circadian & Quantum Principles and strategies to help you live optimally as designed.

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