September 16th Energy Update: Along with it being my beautiful niece’s Birthday, today is the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces with a strong Virgo and Mars influence. The Eclipse peaks at 2:54 pm Eastern Time that is 6:54 pm Universal time. I highly suggest that you get outdoors and breath in the energy of change.

Much has already been written about the eclipse on the lead up to today’s cosmic event so here is what I am being asked to share with you today. Full Moon’s hold the energy of closure and endings. They shine a light upon what is holding you back from being your True Self and a light upon your highest path of potential. Follow the signs and guidance.

It is a Harvest Moon which means we are reaping what we have sowed. Reflect back to March of this year and Eclipse Season. What did you seed in regards to an ending or a new beginning that is coming to fruition or you may be shown next steps to take?

The Pisces influence shines a light upon your spiritual practice and creativity helping you to make adjustments for expansion. Spiritual practice is great and yet you also have day to day 3D details of life to take care of. Seek balance.

Secrets are revealed under a Full Moon Eclipse on the world scene and within. Mercury Retrograde is asking us to pause and review our lives. Where are you living a lie? Burying a secret? Not willing to face what must be faced in order to expand? Today is a great day to expose the lie.

Realizations, insights, a ha’s, new information often pour forth during high energy days like today. Pay attention. Information comes forward in all kinds of ways. Through song lyrics. A blog post. Out of the mouth of babes. In casual chit chat.

Some are riding this energy feeling the bliss, the expansion as much of the baggage has already been dumped. And others are in the swing of letting go moving through Ascension Symptoms. Where ever you are in your Soul’s Journey of Ascension you are on point, perfectly situated on your unique journey.

Love and blessings to all. Enjoy the love of Universe being splayed upon the planet and please drop me a note below filling me in on your Lunar Eclipse experiences.

~Love, Esther

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