April 20th Energy Update: Whoa some significant movement in the cosmos today in fact three aspects I want to tell you about. But first a gentle reminder. When energies are being stirred up in the cosmos due to planetary alignments or other, the energies are not doing anything to you. They do however provide energetic possibilities for New, information and insight to tumble into your experience. For instance if a planet is associated with good fortune and its energy wave of good fortune is in play IF you are aligned with the energy of good fortune within you will experience such in your outward reality. If you do not experience good fortune then that is a clue that something within is out of alignment and the planetary alignment will help you to discover the obstacle and clear it away to help you create what which you desire.
So yesterday when I was writing about Pluto in a stall getting ready to turn retrograde and conflict was in the air amongst other energies, I kept turning within and asking: Where inside of me am I in conflict with myself, my life, my values, my loves, with other people? The conflict I was experiencing in my outward reality was noticeable because there was something similar residing within. And it released last night during my dream state. Oh I was being petty in my dream. It was causing conflict with people in my dream. I saw clearly how it was pushing at least one of my desired creations away and as soon as I regained full consciousness this morning–swoosh it released.
Alright so here is what is happening. First Pluto turns retrograde. We now have 4 planets in retro motion and Venus just newly turned direct. Pluto is a metaphysical planet and not even considered a planet by many although I do give it planet respect. It rules the underworld, the underbelly, secrets, our subconscious, those emotions and memories and feelings we have buried away. It wants to help us be the powerful Beings that we are and knows that holding onto these dark, heavy energies does us no good. During retrograde which will last until Sept 28th, I know a long time, it will be working with each of us individually and with the collective as a whole to unearth secrets, what is hidden, buried away, what we have not wanted to face for the highest and best of all.
Pluto is a slow-moving planet as it is an outer planet but it packs a punch and everything it shows us, shifts and changes is significant. Pluto Retrograde period is as deep and meaningful as Eclipse Season in many respects. During this time we may move from dark and stormy times to feeling light and liberated, powerful and on fire! Follow the clues the intuitive nudges to make the most of these energies.
Also Mercury in retrograde shifts signs today from Taurus into Aries. The initial shift could result in anger and outbursts, think an explosion of bottled up feelings, but it could also result in big personal Wins! Again it depends on what you are lined up with internally.
And solar winds are buffeting the planet, they started late in the day yesterday. Stirring up energies at the poles of the Earth. These winds straight from the SUN do good work on all aspects of Self particularly our bodies, triggering dormant DNA, crumbling old DNA and expanding the experiencing of living in our Light Body.
~Love, Esther
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