When I arrived in Zadar, Croatia the first place everyone told me to visit was the Sea Organ.

Equipped with my camera and recording device I searched it out only to realize it was located less then five minutes from my door step. Oh lucky me!

The Sea Organ was created by architect Nikola Basic who after meditating on how the pattern and sound of waves could be transformed into melodies created a staircase along the boardwalk with 35 pipes and whistles underneath and openings on the boardwalk above.

Here is the staircase, a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists….








And the sound openings….







The movement and thrusts of the sea waves  pushes air through the pipes and chords are played. The bigger the waves the louder and stronger the sound.

Sitting on this staircase, watching the waves, the setting sun and listening to the sea create beautiful music has become one of my favourite past times here in Zadar.

I meditate and do grounding practices in this spot.

I daydream and create through visualization that which I desire.

I watch the tourists. The cruises ships coming in. The sailboats passing by.

I honour the Sun, Moon, Stars, Water and Earth.

I connect with the sea and listen to its music, the haunting melodies; the messages it offers.

And I watch one of Zadar’s famous sunsets unfold before my eyes.

Listen to the sounds of the Sea.—>   Sea Organ Zadar

From Zadar with love, Esther




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