The Schumann Resonance Spiked again yesterday Monday May 8th up to 110 and in some reported cases up to 120. As discussed in earlier posts on this subject the Schumann Resonance is considered to be the heartbeat of the Earth and up until this year has been holding  steady at 7.83 Hertz.
We first noticed a sizable spike in hertz in Feb 2017 during Eclipse Season and over Easter Weekend.
And now another spike. 
These spikes are considered by many, myself included to mean that the vibration and frequency of the planet is rising. Proof that planetary shift is happening, consciousness is rising and the universe as a whole is also changing. Yes there are naysayers, you decide for yourself.
Everyone experiences these Schumann Resonance spikes differently according to where they are on their path of Ascension. There is no right or wrong, good or bad nor need to compare. There is only what presents for you and how you respond.
For instance during the Easter Weekend spike when I wrote about the S.R., many of us were feeling the Peace and Joy of the energies. Talking to a colleague of mine she mentioned that she and her clients were having a more difficult time.
As I tuned into yesterday’s frequency burst felt by many in the afternoon, right into the evening and overnight, Overnight was particularly troublesome for those who would describe the situation as, “Wrestling with my demons.”
There were people who felt Peace, and this time around as I tune into our group avatar more felt anxiousness, unrest; agitated. Did you fall back into an old behavior? Did an addiction rear up? Personally I knew something was up because I felt this Pissed off at the world energy rise up from within. Unusual for me. I was pissed off at the injustices. Angered that so many do good and try hard and want to better their lives and keep being knocked down. And while I know we are the Creators of our own reality. And that we draw to ourselves according to our vibration. That we are not victim, I was angered. I felt it in my chest and throat. While I am aware of the chaos that is in the world I choose not to be drawn into it and instead be the Light. This is why my work is important to me. To offer to people like you, a Sanctuary for Change, Healing, Love, Compassion, Hope, Understanding, Community etc…. But there was that pissed off feeling.
I found myself pacing. Feeling like I needed to do something but unsure what to do. And so I sat and asked What is Going on? And that is when the information about the spike in S.R came forward and it made sense. This time around my mind, body and energy field was experiencing the energies differently.
Some people may have felt this spike in peace. Others may have been inspired to create, take action; move in a big and bold way on their ideas. Others may have experienced headaches, body aches, thirst, anxiety; a resurfacing of addictions. Nauseousness. Skin feeling like it is on fire. We are adjusting to the new vibrations.
I liken this effect and shift to the early days of Solar Flares and Winds. Remember how an uptick in Solar Activity would completely wipe us out? The effects of upticks of the S.R are different, but just to help you make sense of them somewhat similar.
It’s interesting that this situation is presenting prior to an incredible Full Moon coming up tomorrow and today’s Sun Pluto trine which is very positive and fueling meaningful action, Change and Transformation in our lives. Plus this week the Moon’s Nodes change into the sign of Leo/Aquarius where they will transit until the end of 2018 helping us to end karmic cycles and relationships.
I have been reading that some feel this year’s sudden spike in the Schumann Resonance is due to HAARP and theories of weather control. And I do get a Yes that this is an influence. But where I received a greater Nod is that this is the Universe and Ascension Process in Action. We are in the midst of one of the biggest changes ever in World and Planetary History. We asked to be here. We received a body so that we could be here. And it is up to us to make the most of this time of Change not only for our greater good but for the greater good of the Whole.
I can hear you asking, Esther how do I move through these frequency spikes? It’s a good question and the answer is the same as always. First it is good you are opening yourself to the awareness that something such as this is happening. Then follow the basic suggestions: drink plenty of water, sleep as needed, be in nature, ground into your body; be fully present. Even if it is uncomfortable for you in the body be present. Consider taking minerals especially trace minerals and plenty of magnesium.
As heavy energies, limitations, old and outdated patterns, behaviors, memories etc surface, let go and do your inner work as required.
The image below is from the website Space Observing System in Tomsk showing yesterday’s activity. (
~ Love, Esther 
May 14, 2017 Update: Scientists are coming forth stating that the Sc human Resonance while moving into an excited state which produces higher frequency spikes, is not rising from its base reading. The article below provides interesting information. I encourage you to check it out as information empowers us. We are in the process of unlearning all that we have learned and being open to new ideas, new ways and new information.

The author of the article states: There is no doubt that the electromagnetic conditions on our planet are changing. The region of space we are in is not the same as it was 50 or even 5 years ago as our solar system spirals through our galactic environment. Our spiritual and physical evolution is being fueled by solar and cosmic activity and many other energetic influences. We are living within a transitional period between extensive cycles with differing energy signatures and our civilization is adapting to a new consciousness. Many indigenous traditions have foretold of this time, and we are certainly seeing awakening and expanding awareness of the spiritual bondage we have been held to for many thousands of years.

Yes, things are changing. We are changing. The SR’s spike in power from time to time and we feel the effects of this, but the fundamental resonances are simply not increasing.” 

I Esther have been stating for years, everything is simply information. Stay open. Consider all that is presented and then move into your heart space and feel your way to a choice, decision or conclusion. And rather then lock in that decision as we have done in the past be open that tomorrow new information may present which will create yet another new awareness, new choice; new perspective. We are in process and there is no right or wrong way to journey on this road of Ascension.
Article: Click Here 
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