Wow the Schumann Resonance is off the charts going a for a full white out and coming on 24 hours. Below is an image of the readings of the Schumann Resonance taken at 10:00 am UTC on March 17th, 2019 . Almost everyone is feeling it in one way or another. While this is not a new term for many, it is for some so I would like to offer some awareness.

The Schumann Resonance according to the Wikipedia is: ” A set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

For simplicity you can consider it as the heart beat of the Earth.

For a very long time it held steady at 7.83 htz, now it is changing.

The first time I heard about the Schumann Resonance was back in 2012 in relation to the Bosnian Pyramids and in particular the Ravne Tunnels, where the SR shows a steady reading of 7.83 htz. It is believed this is one of the many factors that contribute to the tunnels as being observed and experienced as healing tunnels, along with the negative ions, crystals, megaliths, Pyramid energy and spirit beings. Spending time in the tunnels puts one in a calm and natural state to allow the body to do what it is meant to do self heal. Syncing up with the heart beat of the Earth is calming.

You may recall me writing a newsletter about Schumann Resonance about 18 months ago or so when it became a big buzz word as people began to observe a noticeable uptick in the Resonance as major spikes. These spikes can happen for a number of reasons including solar activity. I also feel and this is just my perspective from the information I receive, that these spikes occur when the Earth is anchoring in New Light and also purging old energies. The Earth shifts and changes as we do. If you are curious to know more please research and fill me in on what you discover.

Schumann spikes on an off throughout the day. Some days it is more calm and steady, sometimes there are small spikes, and other times bigger noticeable spikes. Just as your heart beats at a steady pace but then at times increases ie. during times of stress, intense physical activity etc…

We experienced a big spike on Thursday I wrote about it on Face Book in an Energy Alert.

And yesterday the rumblings of an off the chart spike began which continues.

Look at the image I have attached, the white space signals an energy spike. You can see it is intense, no let up, huge and covering a long period of time.

The blue and greens are present when the Schumann Resonance is at its more natural state.

Please keep in mind I am not a scientist and I do not study Schumann Resonance as a scientist does. But it is energy. And I know energy so I am in tune with the waves when they come and go.

I first noticed something was happening around 1 pm Saturday my local time in Cape Town. I woke up feeling fantastic ready for a great day ahead and by 1 pm my body was in pain. I was achy; my back was sore. I had a headache and great thirst. Then I got the hot and cold chills. Flu like symptoms. I knew I did not have the flu.

After a series of “check ins,” with my body, my Higher Self, asking is this specific to me, is it specific to our Eclipse Group, is the collective creating this energy given all the recent world wide events, I kept receiving it is More.

I intuitively knew to check the Schumann Resonance Chart and it was going wild. I follow the updates on Twitter. You can too if you are interested.

When we are going through these Schumann Resonance spikes we feel it in the moment. From my experience personally and working with people there is rarely a lead up of feeling and once the spike if over everything dissipates quickly. It’s a surge of energy in the moment.

What can you do to weather the Schumann Resonance Spikes?

1. Allow the energy to flow through you. Make sure your chakras (energy centers) are open and in healthy functioning so the energy can flow through and not get caught up in the body creating a short circuiting or distress.

2. Talk to your body let it know what is happening and ask it what you can do to assist.

3. Take care of yourself. Address your needs. ie: drink plenty of water perhaps if guided with electrolytes. Rest as needed. Salt baths, stretching, physical movement if you have the energy is good to help move the energy. Be in nature. Bare feet on the ground. The basics but all good reminders.

Eventually it will pass and you will feel fine again but with what I believe energetic changes within. (yeah!)

Although the spikes continues as I write this post, I woke up feeling fantastic this morning. Aches and pains gone. Appetite returned. Clarity and focus at hand.

To share a bit of my process, yesterday I found that the best fluid for me was lemon water with a pinch of pink salt and cap-full of apple cider vinegar with the mother. I drank this drink all day.

Although I had a commitment to attend I took it easy. Walked to my appointment to be outside and cut my appointment short while honouring the commitment. I had no appetite but later in the day felt the need to have a big green salad. And I was in bed early about 9 pm. If I had a tub at my current location I would have had a nice hot Epsom salt bath.

Always follow YOUR guidance. Your body and Higher Self know what you need.

Love, Esther

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