Remembrance Day Energy November 11th ✨️

Today’s energy update on my telegram channel is a BIG one as there are three potent energy waves moving through.

Remembrance Day. 11-11 Energy Portal and Mars opposing Uranus.

Plus we are two days away from a SIGNIFICANT New Moon in Scorpio which is shaping up to be tense but may reveal your blocks so clearly you can’t help but take action to address them.

I’d like to offer you an excerpt of today’s Energy Update. We go deep in the Energy Update Group.

And I offer practical suggestions on how to navigate the energies. I invite you to join us ✨️

~The next three days are jam packed with cosmic alignments and collective energies.

We will take it slow.

Piece by Piece.

First today is Remembrance Day in Uk, many parts of Europe, Canada and Australia. Other counties honour their veterans past and present on other days.

And while it seems that each year less and less people pause to remember, there are still enough that a collective energy is formed.

An energy of reverence. Perhaps a swelling of pride. Tears, sorrow for those who gave their lives, or are currently somewhere in the world in theatre.

As an adult attending remembrance day ceremonies in my community, I recall my heart swelling and tears flowing as I listened to the traditional remembrance day music. Saw soldiers’ in attendance in their uniforms. Giving thanks for fighting for our freedom.

It was moving. A collective energy. Stirring up many different emotions.

Maybe even anger because these men and women gave their lives for our freedoms which are being swept away. Some of our fellow humans giving them up willingly.

If you don’t celebrate Remembrance Day, you will still feel the energies on some level because it is a collective energy, it’s in the air.

Also this information applies for ANY time the collective energies are potent.

Like right after 9-11

Remember walking outside feeling fear, worry, grief, shock in the air?

Many people called it an apocalyptic feeling. It was the energy of the collective world wide.

It was difficult to disengage from.

Back to today. The collective energy of Remembrance day is in the atmosphere.

It’s good to pause remember and give thanks.

It’s releasing for tears to flow and heart to swell.

Let the energy move through you, and out.

Refrain from holding onto it. It may trigger your own specific sorrows. Be mindful. Acknowledge, express; let go.

Maybe the collective energy will move you to be more vocal and take a stand in politics or addressing our freedoms.

Maybe it will move you to sit down with a young person and explain to them how important this day is. Why we wear poppies.

Even though the energy can be heavy I feel it is a beautiful energy and part of the emotional spectrum we are here to experience.~

Continue to read at the Energy Updates Private Group.

Love, Esther


Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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