Recently I held an Entity Clearing and Release Program on the Tele-Summit From Heartache To Joy and people have been clearing this outside influence from their mind, body and energy fields rapidly. The program is now over but there were some general questions that went unaddressed and I wanted to take some time to answer those questions.

Let’s start at the beginning to bring everyone up to speed.

What is an Entity?

Entities are energetic life forms and signatures that attach themselves to people, places, homes and land sometimes by invitation and most often unknowingly. It could be the energy of mom or dad, the collective consciousness, wayward spirits, something more multidimensional or extra terrestrial in nature. Entities can be parasitic, robotic, earthbound spirits or from time to time something more menacing.

They create limitations in our lives. Entities prevent us from living as our True Self and keep us from experiencing life on our own terms. Entity attachments often create confusion, depression, lack of clarity and the inability to make a decision.

That little voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough, not smart enough, must hide your Light may be a voice from outside influence that has locked into your subconscious programming.

But the good news is these entities; the outside influence can be released!

Q: Could my not being able to stop smoking be an entity issue?

Yes it could be. Sometimes other energies attach themselves to us and influence our behaviors compelling us to do things we would not normally do. You may have heard stories of people who have organ transplants and then pick up the behaviors, tastes and habits of those who donated the organ…. outside influence.

I am a big advocate of checking within and asking Is this behavior mine or someone else’s? It might be yours, someone else’s or a combination of both. Often it is a combination of both.

Q: What can I do when I do not believe any more that I can change things?

Turn within and connect with the part of you that is operating in disbelief. Have a conversation with it and find out when it stopped believing, what were the circumstances, what does it do now instead? What has influenced this disbelief? Show it what the disbelief has created in your life and that you want to believe!

Ask the part what it needs to start believing again and give it what it needs if it feels right to you. By doing this you start to create harmony with your parts and aspects.

There may be a conscious component to this. Do you as the conscious mind believe? If you don’t believe then it will be a challenge to get your subconscious to believe. If this is the case conscious work is required.

Q: Does drinking alcohol socially once in a while invite entities?

Alcohol has its own energy and belief paradigm. If people drink a glass of wine or other with joy, friends, celebration etc… you tap into a certain frequency. If you are having a drink in a place where people are depressed, using alcohol to cope or escape you tap into another. It is in these latter situations where if you are not standing in your power you may become vulnerable to outside influence.

The Guidance I am receiving to offer you is that your intention when drinking socially is most important. If it doesn’t feel good to have a drink at that time and that place don’t. If your inner self gives you the thumbs up go for it.

As a teen and into my twenties I frequented many alternative music venues and bars. I  didn’t understand energy back then and my own insecurities, lack of self power and confidence left me vulnerable to outside influence. Thank goodness that is no longer the case!

Q: When we are working with releasing an entity is it common that there would be an experience of extreme pain?

It’s both not common or uncommon. Yes there are some entities that hook in. When I am working with clients in such situations I  often see the entity with claws. Most often they are terrified of leaving. What will happen next? Take a ginger approach to releasing them and ask Arch Angel Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek for assistance. The entities may be embedded into your body and energy circuits creating the pain.

Q: How do we protect ourselves from entities entering us?

The simple answer is stand in your Self Power claiming sovereignty over mind and body.

Q: How do we know the energies are leaving?

When you feel better more like your True Self. The behavior, habit, thought has left. You will gain more clarity. I am getting to tell you that the proof is in the pudding. Observe what shifts in your inner world and outward reality.

~Love, Esther

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