Sunday morning 10-10-10 I woke up ready to throw in the towel on my life passion of helping people make change from within and move forward.

The discouragement I was feeling was so strong I began to plan a life as a barista handing over steaming cups of speciality coffee with a smile and a word of encouragement. This feeling seemingly came out of nowhere; and I was not in a state to resist it.

As the day progressed and the energy wave associated with 10-10-10 continued to sweep across the planet I fell into a state of neutrality. I didn’t know what I wanted. Whether it was in my life’s work, the food I was eating, or even what I wanted to do that very day. I sat back and observed for this was very new to me.

That night I went to bed and had a profound dream in which I saw images of myself in past lives flash along the screen of my mind. In the dream state I asked, “Are these my past lives?” The answer came back a booming, “Yes.”

Then I began to see bytes and data moving up and down along the screen of my mind. Like one would view on a computer. I queried, “Is this the computer of my mind?” The answer again was, “Yes.”

Even in my dream state I knew some profound shifting was going on throughout my being.

I woke up yesterday morning–Thanksgiving Day in Canada–refreshed, inspired, excited with ideas bursting forth on what I can do to take my life passion of helping others to the next level. Thoughts of hustling coffee behind a counter long since abandoned. I woke up knowing exactly what I want to do, be and accomplish.

What do I attribute this shift to?

Earlier in the week I had done some major Past Life Regression Work on myself during which I shifted my timeline. (Click here to read the post) The work combined with the energy wave of 10-10-10 did a major clearing and shift of my being. The feeling of neutrality and not knowing what I wanted was a stop before a reboot.

I asked my Soul for confirmation and it whispered back that I was right on target with my deduction.

My lessons in this experience: Past Life Regression work is an excellent tool to help one move forward. Never panic or make quick decisions when in a phase of discouragement or unknowing. Trust the process. The universal energies are working on my behalf. I am on target with my life’s purpose. Like our computers we all need a good reboot.

~Love, Esther


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