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Today’s Question to The Tribunal:  Is there a shift in the general energy? Not sure how to describe this, but I feel like I’m starting to get ‘out of sync’ with people I’ve known for a very long time. Great friends, family. Not everyone, but some relationships are feeling different. More negative. (from twitter)


Tribunal’s Answer:  We are appreciative of this opportunity to speak with you about the energy that is moving across the planet. There is a shift in the energetic field and it is being noticed in many ways. One of the most notable ways people are noticing this energetic shift is within the core and the nature of the planet. As volcanoes erupt and earthquakes occur the energy of the planet is shifting, as it cleanses itself in order to prepare to head into the next dimension or phase on planet Earth. The earth is also shifting to meet the energetic cleansing and the lifting of consciousness of the people of the planet. For both must be in sync in order for humanity and the planet to survive.

Many people are noticing this wave of energy and the cleansing energies which are moving across the planet. We often refer to it as a wave, for these waves of energy move through each human cleansing and clearing all which is not; and allowing that which is truth, to come to the forefront. People who have been working on themselves and have been growing in awareness of who they are; are experiencing these energetic shifts more easily than those who are still asleep consciously. Those still asleep are experiencing much struggle and distress as they continue to hold on to what they are not; their negative and limiting beliefs.

As these energy waves move across the planet Earth and people are being lifted into higher consciousness while others are choosing to stay where they are or are fighting the energetic waves, there is a growing disparity or distancing between peoples. This is what you experience when you see that people who you have been friendly with for a long time are no longer frequency specific to you. You no longer delight to be in their presence. It feels uncomfortable to be around them because their energy frequency is different from yours. This is a time when you may be required to make a choice. Do I stay true to who I am and continue to raise my awareness and consciousness, being all that I can be? Or stay stuck with people who are unwilling to awaken? An examination of your beliefs will determine which path you will take.

If you are experiencing this increasing awareness of negative people in your life take it as a sign that you are moving in the direction of higher consciousness and do the inner work necessary to be able to let go of these people. Delight in yourself and the energy waves sweeping across the planet will assist you as you continue to awaken and grow in spirit and in consciousness.

~The Tribunal~


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