Reader’s Question:  I have noticed an uptick in violence these past weeks/month.  What can we infer if anything about the violence?   S. California

Esther Offers A Perspective: There has always been violence and unrest in the world. With modern technology and instant access to images, words and experiences of events the violence and unrest is heightened. And yes I do appreciate the prompting of the question at this time.

Here are two perspectives I would like to extend to you for consideration regarding what is happening on the planet.

1. In December 2012 we experienced a big shift on Earth and across the cosmos. The shift into the 5th Dimension and higher vibrations is welcomed by some people creating joy and forward movement, in others discomfort and unrest. As souls awaken to higher consciousness at a rapid pace there are those who are fighting the energy and the change. For the most part these are the people who flourished in the 3rd dimension energy, a space of I win you lose, competition, money is everything, greed and an It’s all about me attitude.

The people who vibrate with these less expansive energies are doing their very best to hold onto them. They feel out of sync and uncomfortable with the new higher frequencies. They are losing power, recognition, position and authority  as the world breaks free of density and moves higher. Think of the banks, government officials, Bay Street, Wall Street, companies and people around you who have had secrets revealed over the last few years. Those who are fighting the change or who don’t understand it are creating these tense energies across the globe. And it is all coming to a head now that we have shifted into the New Earth energies. There is a battle happening right now between humans rising up in vibration and frequency into a space of love and oneness void of  polarity and those who on a subconscious level are saying to themselves: 3D works for me and I am not giving it up.

2. The other aspect of this is that if you are being bombarded with images, news, talk of violence and unrest then on some level  you are resonating with it. Are you  glued to the TV or computer watching tragic events unfold for entertainment? Do you speak of these situations extensively in conversation with others? Are you watching violent movies and TV shows? 

Personally while I am aware of events of tragedy and concern happening around the world I keep it outside of my field. When the news reporter says, “Up next we are going to interview the school mate of the best friend of the killer,” I check in with myself to see if I really want to drag this into my energy field. I know the more I focus upon the energy of violence the more I will notice it everywhere in my life. And when that happens I will draw the experience of that energy into my reality.

I am not suggesting that you can’t be aware of world or local events and situations but the constant focus, worry and concern about them suggests something deeper is being triggered inside of you.

If at every turn you encounter an angry driver, a sully store clerk, a nasty email and are glued to news channels replaying fear, anger and death and destruction  then ask inside: What inside of me is resonating with this? What lesson do I need to learn to release this from my field so that I can be aware of it but not draw it into my reality? What energy is pulling me towards it and the violence to me?

Perhaps a layer of anger from the past is coming up for exploration and release. Or maybe a past life resonance is being unearthed with the message: It is time to let go of this energetic carry over. Unresolved issues, stuck emotions, memories may be surfacing for clearing so that you can move forward.


If I have a day when I encounter a moody person at the gym, complaining grocery clerk, people gossiping next to me, sirens and accidents on the road and computer malfunctions I stop and ask myself: What is happening inside of me to create and attract this? I always find some limiting belief or stuck energy. Perhaps an unresolved issue with a friend or colleague or even a self judgment at the root of it all. My “reality” is reflecting what is happening inside of me.

If you find you are noticing war, violence, unrest in your world and an uptick at that, do your inner work and exploration around these issues and take conscious steps to place your focus on the beauty, joy and love of everything that is around you. Rather then watch the news for hours and hours replaying the same information with the same interviews watch a comedy, gaze out the window at the tree, the sky or my favorite the moon. When your conversation with friends turns to a analysis of the latest tragic event be the one to switch the topic to something light and/or more meaningful.

Again this does not mean sticking your head in the sand and being unaware of what is happening in the world. It’s about changing your focus and resonance and drawing into your reality something that is in alignment with your dreams and desires. You are the creator of your life and world.

~Love, Esther

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