I had an interesting Soul Whisper this morning. Despite a list of tasks to clear away before the weekend, my Soul wanted me to abort the list and head over to Starbucks, in another city, at 11 am.

I love Starbucks and this particular one is my favourite haunt, but I wondered why 11 am and why now when I have this “to do” list to get done?

I trusted the nudge. Grabbed water and a book and drove 20 minutes away for decaf Americano.

This particular Starbucks is always packed, yet I was lucky enough to secure a seat outside, half in and half out of the sun. I was in my bliss, for reading, talking to people and drinking coffee are truly some of  my life’s pleasures.

I noticed a young man with a paperbook in his hand visibly concerned that there was no outdoor seating for him. I invited him to share my table and he agreed with gratitude.

We both had our noses in our respective books yet within minutes he was asking me questions about what I was reading. Eager to see if this young man was the reason my Soul wanted me here and because I always welcome conversation I began chatting with him.

He was engaging, interesting and full of high energy. Right at the tail end of his holiday week he was regaling me with tales of his skydiving adventures. Having never been skydiving myself I was interested in learning more and asked him all kinds of questions about the experience.

As our conversation continued I could feel my Soul getting ready for another whisper. My first thought was “oh no” my Soul wants me to go skydiving. I say “oh no” not because I am afraid, I am actually very open to skydiving, but because I could sense that this nudge was directly tied to my current path of taking a Quantum Leap in my life.

In the back of my mind I could sense the thoughts and the links being made. If I am taking a Quantum Leap in my life what a better to show the Universe that I am serious then to go and take a Quantum Leap–SkyDiving. It made complete sense to me.

Admittedly I did question if  I was forcing this connection but it didn’t feel forced, it felt Divinely orchestrated. It felt that skydiving was not a command, it was not a “you must do this now;” It was more of why don’t you consider this action and use the energy of it to line up your Quantum Leap.

If this young man only knew what was going on in my mind as he was filling me in on the details of his life.

An hour later we parted and satisfied that I received what my Soul wanted me to receive I drove home.

So now I sit here contemplating the skydive. I know it isn’t necessary to achieve my Quantum Leap, but it might speed things along by setting the tone for the strength of my intentions.  And really wouldn’t it be pretty cool and a good story to boot? I’ll keep you posted.

~Love, Esther~

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