Proof, that’s what I want and I bet you want it too. When we work on our innerself changing our belief systems, getting rid of old patterns and behaviors, clearing negative emotions, healing old wounds and memories, engaging in any kind of energy work, we want proof that something is happening.

For the most part the changes we make need time to integrate into our being before we see something new in our outward reality. This can take minutes and it can days, weeks, months or even years. Yikes, I know you didn’t want to hear that.

But here’s the good news,  we do get immediate physical signs that change is happening and a shift is occurring on one or more levels of our body.

Keeping in mind that thoughts, beliefs and emotions are all energy, here are some physical signs that you are shifting:

  • a sense of lightness within as if a heavy burden has been lifted from your solar plexus, chest, head or shoulders
  • your body temperature may rise due to the chemical reaction of change inside of yourself; many people get hot and/or sweaty
  • becoming very tired almost dropping off to sleep; a sign that the subconscious wants the sleep to process new information
  • the opposite is also true, a surge of energy created by a renewed sense of hope and inner knowing that change is happening
  • some people experience spontaneous bouts of emotion: agitation, anger, sadness, crying. This is what I like to call a “burp,” stuff coming to the surface for release. Let it go.
  • ringing in the ears or a plugging and unplugging of the ears similar to what you may experience when travelling by air
  • yawning means energy is moving
  • some people pass gas. While this may be embarrassing to the person,  as a practitioner I take it as a very good sign for once again energy is moving
  • gurgling sounds may come from your body as old energies are expelled
  • coughing and sneezing are signals of release
  • thirst is created as change is made by the mind; our body requests water to keep the electrical current of our thoughts moving, clearing out the old and embedding the new
  • you may find yourself making frequent trips to the bathroom following a shift in awareness as the body purges physically that which no longer serves
  • on occasion some people become ill with full blown colds, flu, upset stomach and diarrhea if the negativity they had been holding onto was deeply held in their cellular system
  • seeing everything more clearly and with better focus. The filters of our eyes hold beliefs and when those negative beliefs are transformed we see better, literally
  • same goes for our hearing it can become more acute
  • tingling anywhere in our body especially in our head is a physical sign that change is being made

I’m sure there are more signs you could add to the list. Leave a comment below with any physical signals you get that change is happening.

Remember while it may take a bit of time to see your outward reality change as a result of your inner work, there are immediate physical signs which indicate that you are on the right track and to keep the faith.

~Love, Esther

 **Any physical symptoms which linger or cause discomfort should be checked out with your medical practitioner.

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