I asked The Tribunal if they could give us a message about 09/09/09, and here is what they said.

We are delighted to speak of the event you label as 09/09/09 for it is a significant event for the people of this planet. It is an event, a worldly event that will be different from what happened this past spring and summer through the solstice and eclipses. For those were celestial events. 09/09/09 will be more of an earth event.

There are shifts and changes happening within the terra firma deep within it’s core. Elements, minerals, crystals are being activated. Some of which have not been activated for thousands of years. This shift of energy or the turning on of energy from deep within the core will add to what is happening energetically throughout the world and  within each individual through the ascension process.

On this day we suggest you ground yourself to the earth and the energies coming from it. Walk barefoot on the ground, lay on the grass or the earth, connect with the earth the firma. This will aid you greatly.

We also suggest you spend the day in joy. Dance and sing. Hold the intention of that which you desire to create and manifest for yourself. The effects of 09/09/09 will be most noticed 2-3 weeks following the event. Consciously connect with the earth energies that day (09/09/09) and all that is being reactivated.

~The Tribunal~



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