April 9th Energy Update: Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde tonight at 7:14 pm Eastern Time in the sign of Taurus and turns direct again on May 3rd in Aries. We started to feel this slow down yesterday. It wasn’t as a heavy as the Saturn station earlier this week but it was still noticeable.
Planets tend to be at their “heaviest” and many believe at their most potent when they station which means getting ready to either turn retro or direct. Why? Because of the pause. There is power in the pause. Think about it. You are driving along a country road and you come to a four way stop. You can go straight, turn left or right. There are no signs. You pause to assess the situation. No signs means using your intuition. All roads look good. Which one are you going to choose. The choice comes during the pause.
Mercury is the planet that rules communication and technology. It effects travel plans, messages of any kind. Right now I have an email, FB message and a letter from the post to respond to and I have no idea how to respond to any of those queries. Yes, no, maybe. I need to be still, get into the pause and as Mercury Retro asks us to do assess, re-evaluate, re-feel, regroup all of the re’s before making a decision.
During these retrograde periods it is a good time to bring to completion unresolved communications. You know those where did we leave this conversation? Up in the air? Well let’s resolve it now. What was left unsaid may need to be said.
In the past in less consciousnesses, we would moan and groan about MR thus perpetuating the less pleasant side effects of MR (tech glitches and communication snafus) and now in more consciousness we embrace it as opportunity to slow down pause, review the past, be mindful in our communications, breath and be calm and neutral when tech glitches arise, double check all details for travel, contracts etc…
People from our past tend to show up during MR… and before, especially if it was an old flame or lover that showed up, we would jump to the conclusion oh he/she has come back to say sorry, sweep me off my feet and off we go. Yes that may happen but most of the time now that person resurfaces for closure, or we have an encounter to see them in a new perspective which allows both parties to move on. Or we see how much we have grown since that relationship which inspires and encourages us etc…
Retrograde are not necessarily the best time to star anything new in the area that the planet in retro rules. For instance Venus is the planet ruling, beauty, finances, love, relationships.. so it is not the best time to do something drastic to your appearance, buy new wardrobe, start a new romance, make a major money decision. During Mercury Retrograde it is not the best time to sign a contract or make a major purchase like a house, car, new cell phone, TV, laptop, stove, fridge etc… and yet because we are Not living in full on 3D anymore, we have moved and are moving into higher vibrations, if the need arises for us to make a move in any of these areas we are free in 5D to do so mindfully, with awareness, from the heart center…..remember to breathe.
~Love, Esther
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