May 16th, 2022 Energy Update: Hours ago we experienced a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

1. The full moon lunar eclipse is the bookend to the solar eclipse we had on April 30th. This event wraps up eclipse season until the next one begins October 25th, 2022.

2. We will feel the energies from this eclipse season intensely for the next two weeks and then in various degrees over the next six months, as the changes and transformation unfolds in our lives. Everyone is on a unique journey and will experience the energetic effects according to their unique aspects and path.

3. During these two weeks a NEW possibility was revealed to you. Something was shown to you to be a negative influence and must go.
The energies of the eclipses help you to embrace NEW; release the old. If you have attachments, fears, limiting beliefs etc the process may be uncomfortable. If you are ready and willing, the energies support you in making big change in at least one area of life.

4. Do your inner work is always recommended and especially so now based on your realizations and aha’s during this eclipse season. I was given many messages and clues over this eclipse season, regarding changes to make in my life. I was shown clearly what chapters need to close; new paths of potential. I am choosing to heed the messages. Last night as I was watching the full moon over Budva, I had a harsh and shocking realization. Oh I did not like it, but I faced it and now I will take responsibility for everything and begin the process of making change. I hope you do too.

5. Blood Moon is not sinister, let’s clear that up. Blood Moon is a term used to describe a full moon during a TOTAL eclipse when the moon appears reddish in colour. The red/brown colour appears because the moon is illuminated by sunlight filtered and retracted by the earth’s atmosphere. Rare yes. Sinister no.

My suggestion is to take note of everything that was presented and revealed to you during eclipse season. Sit with information to process it. Grounding helps when processing to receive the information in a state of neutrality and to release emotion. Then begin to take the steps to make change. First see the outcome you desire. Second, cultivate an inner world and mindset that supports the change you seek. I can help you with those steps. Then begin to take steps of action.

May this be a time of great breakthrough and transformation for you and for the collective.

Love, Esther

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