Personal Story:

I love being a woman. Always have.
My early years were girly and female influenced.

But as a girl, living on a fruit farm, with a dad who had no sons, it was understood that everyone from an early age, had to pull their weight with farming duties.  Adding to farm life scenario, it was just me and my dad for a long time. Mom influence gone. Dad didn’t know how to raise a daughter. He knew how to work a farm. My girly female influenced life changed as I took on a more masculine influence and energy.

The summer I turned 15 I rebelled being a farmer girl/boy and did my best to step back into my girl feminine energy, unsettling my father.

I looked to school friends, the girls who worked at our fruit market, pop singers and movie stars, magazines for inspiration on how to be a female.
As you can imagine, my experience was hit and miss at best with a lot of negative influence especially in the area of body image.

I stumbled along learning how to be a girl while blossoming into a woman. Loving being female and wanting to be feminine in every area of life, but buffering up against farm life, survival patterns, feminist attitudes and ideology and deep personal insecurities.
I did the best I could and in hindsight I did fairly well.

When I underwent a huge personal awakening during my mid-thirties,
I realized I was living more in my masculine energies then feminine.
I noticed that my masculine and feminine energies were at odds with one another. Many of my woman energies were hiding, exhausted, feeling hurt, sad and angry.

I began to study the power of our mind, beliefs and how to consciously create our reality. I also studied feminine archetypes. Shadow aspects and Light or Positive aspects. I learned how to connect with my feminine parts / aspects and revive, heal and bring them into the whole to support me in my desire to be fully woman.

I also worked with my masculine energy getting it to tone down. Be a support and strength for me, but at the same time to honour that I am a female energy in a woman’s body. Let my feminine energies express and flourish.

Years later, as I write these words to you, I am pleased with how I have developed and enhanced my feminine energies.
I love radiating my femininity to the world.
When I step into shadow feminine energies, I re-correct and re-align.

During the upcoming program I am hosting, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about feminine energies, shadow and healthy. How to develope and enhance your mature feminine energies. Help you to evolve and blossom your gorgeous feminine energies. Support you on your journey. For it’s time to flourish as your beautiful, Divine Feminine Self.
Come, join me.

Radiate The Fullness of Your Feminine Energies Program Starts April 1st, 2023.

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~Love, Esther


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