Past Life Regression

Unlock the secrets and insights of your past lives and have a life changing experience. Past Life Regression is the process of connecting with your past life history for learning, growth, understanding, curiosity and positive change.

You will engage in a direct experience with one or more past lives during a session focusing on a specific issue, behavior, pattern, person or time period. Whatever is important to you.

Your session will last a minimum of 90 minutes and up to two hours. Please allow your schedule to accommodate extra time if it is required. Esther will take as much time as needed to consult, regress, create awareness and help you make change at the core of the past life accessed.

Once you have connected with the exact place your soul desires you to see, learn and grow from, Esther applies the Core Belief Engineering Technique to assist you in making deep change at the subconscious level in the past life. She will guide you to new awareness and understanding, connecting those awarenesses to what is happening and showing up in your life NOW.

By utilizing Core Belief Engineering during your regression, Esther is able to offer you a deeper and more transformative experience. Many practitioners take you on a journey of your past life believing that awareness is enough to make change. Through her experience as a CBE practitioner, Esther knows first hand that awareness is not always enough to facilitate change. How many times have you said to yourself, intellectually I know this but a part of me feel differently? You have the awareness but a part of you is operating from a different belief system. Esther can help you with bridging the conscious and subconscious minds.

If the root of your issue or challenge is based in a past life, Esther will not only help you to discover and explore it, but also guide you to make change in that past life. The energy shift will ripple through your timeline and create change in your present life situation.

Benefits of a Past Life Regression include but are not limited to: resolution of undesired patterns, behaviors and outcomes. A greater understanding of your current life and the people with whom you interact. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and relief. Release of negative beliefs, fears, phobias and unwanted tendencies. Discovery of hidden and forgotten talents, skills, abilities and knowledge. A greater connectivity with who you are as spirit and with your purpose.

More Benefits of Past Life Regression:

  1. If you have been tackling an issue, patterning, behavior, painful memory, reoccurring vision over and over in the present, and the change you seek is not happening, consider a past life regression to see what in the past may be keeping the issue stuck.
  2. You may be having visions, dreams, memories of a past life and want to investigate them.
  3. Perhaps you are curious about someone in your life that you know you have had past lives with and want to “see” what those past lives are and how you relate to each other.
  4. Sometimes a fear, aversion or phobia was created in a past life and going back will help you to understand and take the steps to move past it. ie fear of drowning, flying, being alone, fear of fire, earthquake, poverty, being left, getting sick; dying young etc…
  5. Do you have a mole, scar or some unusual feature on your body that might be a past life carry over? How did it get there?
  6. Perhaps you are curious about knowing what past life is having the biggest impact on your current life to help you navigate through the days.
  7. The past life you access could be earth related or other. I have done many past life regressions that have taken my client off planet. Interesting sessions!
  8. Some people simply want the experience of a past life regression and view short snippets of various past lives to get a sense of their history.
  9. Maybe you are drawn to a specific part of the world and are certain that you had a past life in that location and want to know why.
  10. Or you have an aversion to a certain part of the world and want to know why. It may be past life related.

There are many possibilities.

Prior to the session, we will discuss if you are wanting a past life regression to address an issue in which you are seeking change, or if you are simply curious and want to learn more about your past lives. The choice is yours.

Past Life Regression

Minimum 90 minutes (please allow for extra time if it is required)

Private Session conducted via instant teleseminar system. Free access via web-call on your device. If you live outside of the US, free local phone number for phone call. Replay + MP3 download included.

*Due to time zone differences, sessions will be held during the following time frames Monday to Friday:

  • North American participants, sessions are held mornings your local time.
  • Europe and Afrika mornings or afternoon local time.
  • Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania evenings your local time. And Hawaii late evenings.

If you would like to book a past life regression or have any questions please email me at



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